“UFC Tonight” Show Notes featuring Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit

LOS ANGELES, CA – On tonight’s UFC Tonight, guest analyst and the current Welterweight Champ Georges St-Pierre breaks down this Saturday’s UFC 143: DIAZ vs. CONDIT, the two fighting for the Interim Welterweight Championship. In addition, the show features an exclusive interview with Carlos Condit, who calls out GSP for rooting for Diaz to win the fight.

UFC Tonight Analyst Kenny Florian on Carlos Condit fighting Nick Diaz: “Carlos Condit is the tallest opponent that Diaz has ever faced and Condit has the longer reach. Diaz has tremendous boxing skills, he lands punches in bunches. He’ll go upstairs and downstairs.”

Georges St-Pierre on Condit’s counter attack to Diaz’s boxing: “Condit’s favorite weapon is his knees. He has the best knees in mixed martial arts. A good way to counter a body shot is with a good knee.”

Helwani on Diaz and Condit: “Diaz’s manager Cesar Gracie told me that if Nick wins on Saturday night, he will advise him not to take another fight at welterweight until GSP is ready to come back. Meanwhile Condit has been training with fighters from Tristar, GSP’s home gym, to get ready to fight Diaz.”

Exclusive interview with Carlos Condit on training: “It’s been going well. It’s been a long training camp, six months because of changes of opponents. But I’m ready to fight”

Carlos Condit on motivation: “I don’t need any more motivation than I already have. I get to fight for interim belt. I get to fight a great opponent in Diaz. That’s all the motivation I need.”

Carlos Condit on his strategy: “I think we have a three-dimensional game plan. Nick is good in all aspects of the game, as am I. We’ll just have to see. He has great jujitsu skills.”

Carlos Condit on training with boxing: “We didn’t do a lot of training with boxers. We had guys who mimicked Nick Diaz’s style. Mainly I focused on what I do well to counter his strengths. We have a great start to defeat Nick Diaz.”

Florian on his predictions for Diaz vs. Condit: “Diaz will take this. His boxing skills will make the difference.”

GSP on his predictions for Diaz vs. Condit: “I would like Diaz to win, but don’t know if he will.”

GSP on Diaz’s comments about GSP being scared to fight him: “I was expecting him to say something like that. I’m not afraid of him. I actually want to fight him. I pray every night that he wins the fight against Condit so we can fight each other.”

GSP on when he’ll return: “I should be back in about November 2012 fighting in the Octagon.”

Helwani on Jon Jones: “Jon Jones would like to move up to heavyweight. He told me on Monday that he would like to fight a top heavyweight. Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta think it’s too early to move up and they want to delay it until next year.”

Florian on if Sonnen can beat Silva: “Sonnen has the perfect style. He showed it in the first fight. The only problem is that he cannot do the same thing he did against Bisping. He can go to Brazil and beat Anderson Silva, but he’ll have to come up with new tricks.”

UFC Tonight Insider Ariel Helwani on Hall of Famer Matt Hughes returning to the Octagon: “Matt Hughes told me Saturday night that he has decided he would like to fight again in the UFC. The only problem is that his wife wants him to retire. He’s leaving it up to Dana White. He hopes to meet with Dana in the next couple days to decide his future.”

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