You can pick up any magazine, read any book or visit any blog on the Internet and people will tell you what they know about winning and how to win and why winners win, etc. Hell, it’s an interesting topic, let’s just be honest, but not as interesting as this one.

So today, instead of communicating with how to win a MMA fight, I’m going to explain how to lose one.


Well Lord knows that I’ve lost a great deal of competitions in my life so when it comes to losing, I’m kind of an expert.

So, that’s what I’m going to tell you about.

Here are ten surefire ways to lose an MMA fight:

1. Practice with other losers! Your practice partners are your greatest asset and your greatest crutch.

2. Train with other losers. Sharing the training hall with persons with the wrong attitude and motivations can stifle your improvement.

3. Fight and then do not take the time to review your video with your coaches. You continue to lose matches when you do not review the video of your matches. Not studying and acquiring data for scouting is a sure-fire way to fail.

4. You lose by listening to fighters like Rampage Jackson who dismiss elaborate game plans. People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. The game-plans increase in complexity as the skill-set of the opposition increases because there is more to deal with. Just going out there to “fight” and make it “exciting” is a surefire way to be at home watching MMA on television with the rest of us.

5. You lose by thinking you need to do more “MMA” to improve your MMA game. Contrary to what we all purport, MMA is really not a sport, it is a sporting event. MMA is really the name that is provided to the mixing of all of the arts together. When you lose, it not because you need to learn “boxing for MMA” or “Judo for MMA” or “BJJ for MMA” it’s because either your boxing, judo, wrestling, BJJ, or Muay Thai needs work. Take some time to isolate the problem, jump into the area of focus, fix it and return. You can’t just do MMA and get better at MMA, just like you can’t drive a car faster and hope that it gets faster. You have to pop the hood and change the engine for it to be able to go faster. The sames goes for your MMA career.

6. You lose because you do not understand the rules (Hell, you didn’t even read them). You LOSE MMA fights by refusing to take an in-depth look at the strategies and tactics of the sport and the rules. How many of you have REALLY taken the time to read through the judging criteria on the UFC website? Even some of the decisions that we don’t agree with, in actuality are the right decisions. Kind of like, watching an Olympic level wrestling match or judo match and thinking that one guy got his butt kicked but he’s the one that won the match. Know HOW to win the damn fight! READ!!

7. You lose matches because you are too caught up in “finishing the fight”. Hell, WIN first!!! Winning an MMA fight is not about finishing! (That is only one of the goals of the sport and quite honestly, it’s just and ‘incentive’ for you, but the MAIN GOAL of the promoter(s)).

8. You lose because you treat the profession like it’s a hobby! You can lose by treating this profession like it’s a hobby when there are people who treat it like a profession. If you treat your career like a hobby, you will get “hobby-esque” type joy out of the sport and “hobby-esque” pay. As Lloyd Irvin says, “Treat it like a hobby and it will pay you like a hobby.”

9. You lose because you refuse to study and take tests in practice. You lose for the same reason why people fail tests; because you refuse to study and do your homework. Study! Study! And study some more! And create points in the training program or process where you can “test” what you have learned to make sure that you have it.

10. You lose because you refuse to add science to your training. If something actually worked for you how do you know? Are all your training sessions written down and logged? Your diet? Your strength training? Remember it’s only “scientific” if you have data, it has been tested and it is REPEATABLE. I can’t repeat it if you can’t show me what you did. And as I say, “Don’t tell me s—! Just hand me the curriculum and show me what you did. Thank you!”

The great thing about this list is that there are some things on here which have been identified that you can immediately fix and work on today and become a better MMA fighter-player tomorrow.

So now that you know how to lose, you can start finding out how to win.

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  1. You lose because your crackhead trainer gets you a last minute fight with Rhadi Ferguson.

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