The man who pulverized UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 117 this past August for four-and-a-half rounds before getting submitted now wants a piece of Michael “The Count” Bisping.

Following Bisping’s (21-3) TKO victory over Jorge Rivera at UFC 127, and his subsequent spitting incident, MMA Weekly obtained the following email top middleweight contender Chael Sonnen sent to UFC matchmaker Joe Silva:

To: Joe Silva, Matchmaker Extraordinaire, Ultimate Fighting Championship
Re: Spitsbing & his tainted victory


If you get a chance to talk with him, please mention to your idiot-in-residence Michael Spitsbing it’ll be a little tougher to knee ME in the head when I’m charging at him like a runaway train and mincing him through the fence like a boiled potato, should we ever have the pleasure of each other’s company for a few (VERY few) moments in the Octagon.

Oh; and I’d suggest to him being a little careful about spitting on any of MY cornermen, since any one of them can beat him up as badly as I can. Thanks ever so much.
Hope all is well.

-Chael Sonnen

If Rivera was able to get under Bisping’s skin with his smack talk and mocking videos, can one even imagine what Sonnen (25-11-1) is going to do to him? This could get ugly.

Make it happen Joe Silva!

9 thoughts on “Chael Sonnen wants Michael Bisping in the Octagon”
  1. Chael Sonnen – The man who beat up Anderson Silva for 41/2 rounds and was still the only one who left the octagon bleeding!

    As for insinuating he can finish Bisping, I cant remember the last time Sonnen finished anyone? I heard he struggles to finish his dinner. If by finish we mean dry hump for 3 rounds then Sonnen is your man!

    The spider wasnt himself that night and should they meet again Silva will put him away early.

    Bisping would shut Sonnen’s mouth. My biggest concern with bisping is when he goes up against a good striker, which Sonnen is not.

  2. True, but you don’t want my car. Seriously though, Sonnen successfully defends only 1-4 submissions and Bisping has strong hips on the ground.

  3. Richard- Very true, but I think the post-testosterone injection driven Sonnen is strong enough to just over power Bisping through all of his sub attempts like he did with Marquardt and Miller. On top of that Bisping has been using wrestling to take more and more opponents out of their game. Against Sonnen this isn’t going to be an option.

    Def could be wrong though, and I don’t think it’ll surprise anyone if Bisping subs Sonnen in the third.

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