Our Pro MMA Now 2010 Awards work much like our ProMMAnow.com staff picks. Each staff member will select the winner they believe deserves the award and will explain their decision. That is it. Nothing fancy.

Pro MMA Now 2010 Most Bizarre Story Award

The “Most Bizarre Story” Award goes to the MMA story that blew our minds in 2010. We all know professional mixed martial arts is filled with some of the most unique characters on the planet from the most varied backgrounds. It takes a special type of person who makes their living by getting hit in the head and sometimes things can get a little nutty. Here are some of 2010’s most unusual stories.

And the Pro MMA Now 2010 “Most Bizarre Story” Award goes to:

Brian Furby: Jason “Mayhem” Miller took on the entire Cesar Gracie Camp at “Strikeforce: Nashville” live on Showtime in now what is simply referred to as “the Strikeforce brawl“. Granted, many people may not think it’s too much of a stretch that a fight could break out at a fighting event. However, to see this on national television was disappointing to me as an MMA fan and I was kind of surprised it escalated so quickly. I was just kind of sitting there like, “WTF?”

Richard Mann: In general MMA is bizarre to me. However, Bob Sapp pulling out of his New Year’s Eve fight, because FEG refused to give him a cut of action figure sales at the arena takes the cake. It is extra strange because it was a fight that Sapp had a chance to actually win.

John Buhl: Chael Sonnen’s positive steroids test — After months of silence, we finally discovered that Sonnen claimed to suffer from hypogonadism, and therefore needed testosterone replacement therapy, and somehow, the test showing elevated testosterone levels was actually wrong (I still don’t understand that). He claimed he talked with NSAC’s Keith Kizer about all of this, but Kizer has said otherwise. Later reports then alleged that Todd Duffee and Dan Henderson are also on TRT. I’m thoroughly confused.

Jack Bratcher: For me, the most bizarre MMA 2010 story without a doubt is Chael Sonnen in general. From his bizarre comments about Lance Armstrong to later denying it was he that made the comments and saying it sounded like a Hispanic person, to his denial of owning a Twitter account that he had previously told people to follow, it seemed the whole MMA world didn’t know if Sonnen was cracking up or if he was deliberately trolling us all. And the way things are going, he may win this same award next year.

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  1. sonnen is the bizzare story starting with the anderson fight. it went all downhill from there. hope he pulls thru all this b.s.

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