Elevation Training Mask today announced the sales of its training equipment, which is specifically designed to improve cardiovascular stamina and simulate high stress situations. Former world champion and current top contender Sean Sherk helped create the mask for high altitude training in his personal MMA workouts and is now excited to offer the mask for order at trainingmask.com.

“I’ve been using masks for about 3 years now in my own training and had always kept it a secret, because I knew it was a huge advantage for me in the gym and in the cage. Being able to simulate high elevation training without actually going into the mountains is a huge advantage over my opponents. Now, we’ve created our own mask that’s small, lightweight and brings the altitude to you. And it’s time to make it available to the public,” Sherk said.

High Elevation Training Mask Increases Lung Stamina

The Elevation Training Mask is quickly gaining exposure and popularity, because its benefits are backed by scientific fact. Athletes who use high elevation training have learned that reducing oxygen consumption triggers the body to increase red blood cell and capillary production, ultimately sending more oxygen from the lungs throughout the body.

By creating pulmonary resistance, the Elevation Training Mask helps condition the lungs, strengthen the diaphragm and increase surface area and elasticity in the alveoli (of the lungs). These benefits stem from the Elevation Training Mask’s unique ability to regulate air intake, essentially thinning the air and decreasing oxygen intake to mimic high altitude training.

The High Elevation Training Mask Benefits the Body for Maximized Athletic Performance:
-Increases lung capacity, forcing lungs to work nine times harder for oxygen
-Increases anaerobic thresholds
-Improves efficiency of gas exchanges
-Causes energy production levels to rise
-Strengthens mental and physical stamina
-Sharpens mental focus

Used in MMA workouts, the Elevation Training Mask increases cardio stamina and provides a mental edge. Sherk notes that “the mask not only simulates high altitude training and limits oxygen flow, it also causes a claustrophobic effect. Forcing me to perform and train in these conditions lets my body require less oxygen while exerting myself and teaches me to relax while in claustrophobic, intense situations. Coupled with dedicated MMA technique training, using the mask everyday gets my body acclimated to needing less oxygen, giving me a physical and mental edge to defend chokes and remain fresh and focused in the championship rounds.”

“When asked how fighters and other professional or serious athletes can best incorporate the Elevation Training Mask into their workouts, Sherk suggested using it for “all cardio workouts along with most MMA workouts including pad work, foot work drills, drill takedowns, heavy bag work and so on,” and he emphasized that “sprint work is key, because the harder you work, the harder you’ll breathe and the more oxygen your body will need.”

Sherk cautioned athletes to start slowly and gradually increase intensity, working up to the heavy workouts. “After acclimating my body to perform with limited oxygen, when I’m able to train without limitation, my body feels super charged, and I feel unstoppable!”

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