Eliot “The Fire” Marshall (8-2) competes tonight in his first MMA fight since being released from the UFC back in March, as he takes on another UFC and Ultimate Fighter veteran, Josh “Bring the Pain” Haynes (13-10). Marshall vs. Haynes headlines “Ring of Fire 39: Summer Brawl 2” tonight at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, Col.

ProMMAnow.com will provide LIVE results and play-by-play commentary of “Ring of Fire 39: Summer Brawl 2” starting at approximately 9:15 p.m. ET/6:15 p.m. PT.

Co-headlining “Ring of Fire 39: Summer Brawl 2” is Strikeforce and Ring of Fire veteran Brandon “Rukus” Thatch, who will be facing Danny “Dee 1” Davis Jr. Also on the card is a special women’s MMA attraction between the undefeated Michelle “The Bobcat”  Blalock and Mariciea “The Black Widow” Allen, who fights out of the MMA Factory.

“Ring of Fire 39: Summer Brawl 2” quick results:


  • Eliot Marshall def. Josh Haynes by unanimous decision
  • Brandon Thatch def. Danny Davis by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (4:12)
  • Angelo Duarte def. Ron Muir by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Bruce Reis def. Vellore Caballarro by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (0:27)


  • Michelle Blalock def. Mariciea Allen by TKO (strikes) Rd 3
  • Todd Meredith def. Tyrone Wright by submission (verbal – rib injury) Rd 1
  • Chasen Finkelstein def. Howie Spratte by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
  • Zach Walsh def. Olajuwon Rodgers by submission (verbal tapout) Rd 2

“Ring of Fire 39: Summer Brawl 2” play-by-play:

Amateur MMA Fights

(180 lbs.) Olajuwon Rodgers vs. Zach Walsh

Round 1 – Rodgers catches a kick and takes Walsh down but Walsh gets right up. Leg kick from Rodgers. Rodgers shoots for a single but Walsh grabs a guillotine with the arm in. Moves it to a regular guillotine. Rodgers pushing Walsh into the cage still holding that leg. Walsh puts a few elbows and hammerfists on Rodgers’ back. Mr. Dave Farra and Ken Pischna is commentating. Walsh attacks after they separate. Walsh comes in throwing knees and strikes and clinches up before the bell. I give Walsh that round 10-9.

Round 2 – Walsh attacks with a  few punches. They clinch up and Walsh gets a takedown but Rodgers has his head in a one arm guillotine position. Walsh gets his head out and Walsh is on top in half guard. The referee stopped the fight for apparently no reason. Walsh, Rodgers and no one else including the commentators know why the fight was stopped. Walsh was not attempting any kind of submission and there was no apparent tap out. Very strange. Rodgers is clearly angry and frustrated. It’s possible the ref heard him make some sound or something where he thought he was in trouble but that was pretty ridiculous from what I saw.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Zach Walsh def. Olajuwon Rodgers by submission (verbal tapout) Rd 2

(140 lbs.) Howie Spratte vs. Chasen “The Ghost” Finkelstein

Round 1 – They clinch up and Finkelstein gets a nice takedown putting Spratte down hard. Finkelstein gets full mount and starts raining down punches. Spratte using his legs to try and defend by hooking Finkelstein’s shoulders. Spratte gets out of it and moves to a heel hook attempt. Finkelstein gets free and stands up, stays on top and moves back into half guard. Spratte gets full closed guard. Finkelstein keeps attacking from the top until the bell sounds. 10-9 for Finkelstein.

Round 2 – Leg kick from Spratte. Finkelstein misses with a head kick attempt. Spratte lands one in return. They clinch and Spratte throws him to the ground but Finkelstein reverses and lands on top inside full guard. Spratte defending well from bottom. Finkelstein stands up, then moves to mount where he boxes on Spratte’s ears a bit. Spratte escapes and is looking for a heel hook. Finkelstein defends and I give him the round 10-9.

Round 3 – Clinch, Spratte lands a knee then rolls into a leg lock attempt. Finkelstein ends up on top, he stands and dives in with a punch, now inside Spratte’s guard. With only three minute rounds Spratte staying too comfortable on the ground. The ref stands them up. Spratte kicks the leg and Finkelstein pulls guard. Spratte now inside the guard and Finkelstein throws up an armbar attempt, he misses it but is now on top inside Spratte’s closed guard. Spratte looks for an armbar as the bell sounds. I give the round 10-9 to Finkelstein and the fight to him 30-27.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Chasen Finkelstein def. Howie Spratte by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

(185 lbs.) Todd Meredith vs. Tyrone Wright

Round 1 – Meredith attacks with punches, gets the takedown and lands in side control. Wright defending well, holding on and gets half guard. Wright explodes and tries to escape but can’t. Meredith puts a couple knees into Wright’s ribs but the ref stands them up. They stop it. Wright must have taken too much damage from that knee.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Todd Meredith def. Tyrone Wright by submission (verbal – rib injury) Rd 1

(Women’s MMA) Michelle Blalock vs. Mariciea Allen

Round 2 – Blalock with a nice right, they clinch up. Blalock rolls into a knee bar attempt. The ref jumps in, stops it. Then restarts it when he realizes he made a mistake. Blalock can’t hold the knee bar attempt anymore so postures up into half guard. She has Allen pressed against the bottom corner of the cage and rains down punches. This referee is absolutely ridiculous. He stands them up for some unknown ungodly reason. Blalock lands a right, they clinch briefly then square up again. They clinch and Blalock lands several body shots. Blalock gets the round 10-9.

Round 3 – They exchange shots and looks like Allen landed a punch that stunned Blalock. Allen tries to take advantage by locking up her head but Blalock drives forward picks her up bounces off the cage and goes down boom with a big slam. Blalock in side mount and lands some big elbows. Allen trying to defend, Blalock moves to north south, then to full mount where she starts with some nice elbows and punches. Allen rolls over in effect giving up and the ref steps in to stop it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Michelle Blalock def. Maricia Allen by TKO (ground and pound – strikes) Rd 3

Professional MMA Fights

(145 lbs.) Vellore Caballarro vs. Bruce Reis

Round 1 – Caballarro fights out of Grudge Training Center. Caballaro gets the takedown immediately, and gets full mount immediately where he begins landing body shots. Reis holding on to Caballaro’s neck and waist. Caballarro postures up with some punches and Reis just trying to hold on. Reis turns, gets a knee on the mat and steps up and puts his opponent on his back. He finally stands up, they exchange some punches and Reis throws him to the mat. They stand back up. Reis lands some nice punches and knees, scoring big. Caballaro fires back. Reis goes for a arm toss takedown but lands on the bottom and Caballarro takes his back with hooks in. Reis turtles up. Reis rolls and finally escapes, they stand up. Caballaro lands a nice left, then a knee but Reis takes him down and lands inside his full guard. Reis stands up dives in with a punch. Caballarro flailing and getting hit as the bell sounds. I give that round to Reis 10-9.

Round 2 – Reis grabs a Thai clinch and lands a few knees. Caballarro tries to defend but gets dropped to the ground with what appears to be a knee. Reis follows up with several punches as Caballarro tries to cover up. The referee stops it. Caballarro wasn’t fully recovered from the last round it seems.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bruce Reis def. Vellore Caballarro by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (0:27)

(145 lbs.) Angelo Duarte vs. Ron Muir

NOTES: I must say, the ROF ring girls are A-mazing!

Round 1 – Muir is out of the H.I.T. Squad. Duarte is the taller guy. Leg kick Duaret. Muir shoots, lifts Duarte into the air with a double leg and puts him on his back and lands in side control. Duarte gets half guard and grabs a one arm guillotine. Muir punches the belly and Duarte releases his head. Muir still in half guard, gets his leg and moves to side control for about three seconds until Duarte regains it. Muir puts some elbows into Duarte’s thighs and gets his leg out to side control. Muir moves north south position and stands to his feet still holding Duarte’s head. He punches the body and tries to sink in a guillotine. They go to their knees. Muir lets the choke go and moves into a sprawl as Duarte grabs a single. Duarte lets go, turtles up and Muir puts some knees in his ribs. Muir grabs his neck and moves back to guillotine position as the bell sounds. Muir gets that round decisively 10-9.

Round 2 -Duarte comes out swinging, Muir shoots, gets the takedown and lands in half guard. Muir attacking from on top reminiscent of the last round. Muir stands up, moves to the other side and goes back to grinding.. Muir grabs Duarte’s neck from north south and holds him. Duarte escapes and takes his back with one hook in. Duarte looking for the choke, gets it sunk in it looks like. Muir pushing down his chin and gets free of the actual choke but is still in a body triangle of Duarte. Duarte still looking for the choke and Muir fighting it off with wrist control. Muir turtles up and Duarte starts punishing with shots to the side of the head. Muir gets and arm and reverses at the bell. Duarte gets this round 10-9.

Round 3 – Muir shoots, grabs a single and pushes Duarte into the fence, picks him up and puts him down hard. Muir in side control, knee to belly, then full mount. The ref stands them up. Terrible stand up. Duarte holding on to Muir. Muir shoots but gets stuffed and ends up on his back. Duarte on top in Muir’s guard. They scramble and Duarte is inside Muir’s full guard. The ref stands them up as the crowd boos. They throw a few punches and Muir shoots. Duarte sprawls and the clinch, exchange knees. Muir grabs a single leg and Duarte drops to his butt. Muir on top in half guard and the ref really wants to stand them up. Muir is landing some shots to the body, they stand up as the bell sounds. I’ll give Muir the round 10-9 although it was close. Both guys are tired.

OFFICIAL RESULT:  Angelo Duarte def. Ron Muir by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

(170 lbs.) Brandon “Rukus” Thatch vs. Danny “Dee 1” Davis Jr

Round 1 – Thatch gets all the applause as he’s the Colorado fighter. Davis is from Vegas. Davis punches and kicks and eats a leg kick. Thatch grabs the Thai clinch then tosses Davis to the ground. Thatch is on top in half guard. He scoots Davis against teh cage. Davis is trying to get up and succeeds. He gets a body lock, goes for the trip but ends up on the bottom. Davis grabs single leg. Thatch gives him some punches to the face but Davis drives it through and puts Thatch on his back. Thatch reverses it and ends up on top, lands an elbow. Frank Mir is in Davis’s corner. Thatch is in mount position with Davis’s back against the cage. He’s actually in half guard but may as well be mount. Thatch uses his forearm as cross face. Davis holds on tight. Thatch raises him up and slams him down while he still holds on. Thatch stands up out of guard, Davis gives up his back and Thatch locks on a rear naked choke for about four seconds and Davis taps out. The crowd goes nuts.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brandon Thatch def. Danny Davis by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (4:12)

(205 lbs.) Eliot “The Fire” Marshall vs. Josh “Bring the Pain” Haynes

Round 1 – Haynes comes out swinging and Marshall backs him up with punches of his own. Marshall shoots ini but Haynes stuffs it and pushes him against the cage. They separate and square up. Marshall misses with  a couple of punches. Marshall shoots under Haynes’s punches and gets a body lock, he gets behind Haynes but Haynes gets free and squares up again. Leg kick Haynes. Left hook from Marshall. Marshall clearly has the height and size advantage. He throws a head kick that goes over Josh’s head. He shoots, gets the clinch. They go against the cage but Haynes won’t go down. They both throw some shots that miss. Marshall throws a body kick but eats a couple punches for his trouble. Both guys were fighting pretty conservatively. And I don’t really know who to give that round to. I guess I’ll give it to Marshall but it wasn’t very decisive.

Round 2 – Leg kick Marshall. Haynes looks so much smaller. Haynes throws a combo that backs Marshall against the cage. Eliot shoots, puts Haynes against the cage but Haynes reverses position and throws an elbow as he escapes. Eliot swings and misses. Leg kick Marshall. Body kick from Haynes scores. Left hand from Marshall. Haynes comes in with a one two then lands a low knee to the groin that forces a time out. Leg kick Haynes. Leg kick Marshall. Nice hook from Marshall connects. Haynes smiles big at him. Marshall throws a kick that goes over Haynes’ head again. Marshall comes in swinging, lands a couple hard rights. Haynes fires back but misses. They both swing for it again but nothing really lands. Haynes shoots in but gets stuffed. Marshall grabs underhooks, reverses him and puts him against the cage. I give that round to Marshall 10-9.

Round 3 – Marshall misses with a left hook, lands a leg kick. Body shot from Marshall. Right hand by Marshall. Marshall shoots and Haynes pulls guard with a guillotine but lets it go quickly. Marshall is on top in half guard. Marshall moves to side control, then to North South but Haynes gets to his feet. Haynes gets a leg kick attempt caught and Marshall puts him down. Marshall is on top in half guard with one arm around the neck of Haynes. Haynes holds on and ties him up. Marshall gets full mount, Haynes gives up his back, they roll over, Marshall has both hooks in. He tries to lock up the choke, Haynes turtles up then they roll.  Haynes defending, trying to roll but Marshall controlling well, they scramble as the bell sounds. Marshall should get the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 but it wasn’t very impressive to be honest. Not what you’d expect from a guy just coming out of the UFC in his last bout, especially against a much smaller guy like Haynes.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eliot Marshall def. Josh Haynes by unanimous decision

2 thoughts on ““Ring of Fire 39: Summer Brawl 2” results, play-by-play”
  1. Thank you for the nicely written updates, Jackie B! I also expected Eliot to perform better, but Haynes is a tough bastard who can stay competitive with almost anyone.

    All the best, my friend.

  2. M. Allen was a tough fighter, I don’t want to take that away. But the knee bar was robbed from Michelle “bobcat” Blalock with the ref stoppage. He allowed Allen out of the leg bar upon restart. It’s over now but that sucked. Michelle took damage she didn’t need to after that. It was a perfect knee bar. Blalock rocks.

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