Kimbo Slice and Gary Shaw reunited in the boxing world

Kimbo slice and Gary Shaw / Showtime Sports
Slice and Shaw / Showtime Sports

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson has signed with promoter Gary Shaw in order to start a boxing career. Rumors have circulated for weeks about Ferguson in boxing, and now has confirmed the signing.

According to the report, the deal is signed and “Kimbo Slice” will make his debut in either October or December.

Shaw, as always, is enternally optimistic about Slice’s potential. He told the site, “He could easily be at the same level as the guys the Klitschkos have been fighting. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he’s coming to boxing too late, but I don’t think so. He’s not a beaten-up athlete. He’s a natural, with the bob and weave like Mike Tyson.”

While promoting MMA under the Elite XC banner, Shaw brought Slice into the professional sports world. After a notorious street-fighting career, Slice made his debut against Bo Cantrell and won by knockout in only 19 seconds.

Slice went on to win his next two fights against David “Tank” Abbott and James Thompson. However, in his fourth fight, Seth Petruzelli came in on extremely late notice and handed Slice his first professional loss. Elite XC closed up shop shortly after the defeat.

After an unsuccessful stint on “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show, Slice made his UFC debut and defeated Houston Alexander. However, in his next fight, cast mate Matt Mitrione defeated Slice and facilitated his exit from the promotion.

Since the fall of Elite XC, Shaw has continue to promoting boxing matches. The list of fighters on his roster includes Andre Dirrell, Vic Darchinyan and Rafael Marquez.

8 thoughts on “Kimbo Slice and Gary Shaw reunited in the boxing world”

  1. This is good news to hear.
    Shaw stepped out on a limb and signed Kimbo and made him into a huge draw.
    Even after Kimbo was exposed so to speak in the Seth Petruzelli fight he came back and was a huge draw again.
    Now he’ll be a big draw in boxing in the short term I think.
    MMA is still where Kimbo will end up in the long term.
    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Shaw’s end up back in the MMA business either.
    Kimbo might be there ticket back.
    You get him the right match ups in either sport and that street fighter mystique will be right back and the fans will be watching.

  2. Well no.
    But Wes Sims in an MMA fight maybe.
    Or your run of the mill tomato can in boxing.

    Strikeforce dropped the ball here big time.

    They should’ve done everything to sign Kimbo and set up a fight with Herschel Walker.
    You looking for ratings on Showtime or better yet CBS.
    You kissed it good bye.

  3. I don’t get your question honestly.
    Why do I care about Kimbo?

    You could ask that about any fighter. Why do you care?

    Kimbo is more than a Boxer or Cage fighter he’s a character.
    Kimbo is entertaining he’s a personality.

    Take Gray Maynard for example.
    Undefeated and what most likely a title challenger for Zuffa at LW.

    His fights are for the most part a bore and if you’ve ever heard him interviewed those are even worse.
    Are you supposed to care about Maynard because he’s a true Mixed Martial Arts fighter to the purist?

    No thanks. You can have all the Gray Maynard’s you want I’ll take watching Kimbo Slice any day of the week over that.

  4. I feel you man. You make a good point.

    You should check out “Bad Girls Club” on Oxygen network. Those ladies are certainly characters and they get into fights. It is great television.

  5. I’ve seen it before. Yeah it’s not bad.

    I can see you like to be sarcastic and use the good ole talk down to your readers approach Luke Thomas utilizes at that god awful blog bloodyelbow.

    Good. I’m sure it will build traffic at the site. It’s not at all annoying or condescending. Keep it up.

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