Bonnar says he’s sick of hearing Forrest Griffin’s name
Friday, August 27 at 8:30 p.m. ET exclusively on HDNet

DALLAS (August 26, 2010) Stephan Bonnar will always be remembered for his epic battle with Forrest Griffin on the live finale of the first season of the Ultimate Fighter. The fight launched the sport of MMA and Bonnar’s career, but that doesn’t mean the veteran isn’t tired of hearing about it.

“Forrest, Forrest, Forrest! Do I get sick of hearing Forrest Griffin’s name? Yeah real sick of hearing Forrest Griffin’s name,” Bonnar tells Mike Straka on this week’s episode of “Fighting Words.” “You know, it’s great being known for a great fight, but God, I get called Forrest so many times, you know?”

A preview of the show can be seen below:

Bonnar also opens up to Straka about facing criticism and the negatives that come with fame.

“You know when you get emails ‘I hate your guts,'” he said. “Some people really passionately hate me. And I’m just gonna try to provide some entertainment but you know you…. some people hate my guts and let me know it.”

All this and more when Bonnar sits down with Mike on “Fighting Words with Mike Straka” this Friday at 8:30 p.m. ET only on HDNet.

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