Well, well, well, will the real Chael Sonnen please stand up?

For someone who has tried to portray himself as a “straight shooter” and “tell it like it is” kind of guy, the UFC middleweight contender and Republican nominee for Oregon State Representative has a lot of egg on his face right about now.

Sonnen has been taken to task by countless media outlets for his smack talk directed at upcoming opponent UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

The largest outcry has come due to remarks that Sonnen made on his Twitter account. Dedrick Muhammed, a writer for the Huffington Post, called Sonnen’s statements “racist” and “xenophobic”.

Nigel Jaquiss, writer for Williamette Week, a publication out of Oregon, exchanged emails with Sonnen and asked him about the controversial statements on the Twitter account. Jaquiss today published those email exchanges, and they show where Sonnen flat out denies he has a Twitter account at all.

However, Sonnen hangs himself in this April 23, 2010, video interview with MMA reporter Ariel Helwani, in which he not only admits to having a Twitter account, but he spells it out, lest there be any question, “s-o-n-n-e-n-c-h”. The lynching takes place about the 45:40 mark and goes something like this:

Q: You’re on Twitter, right?

Sonnen: “Yeah…I’m trying.”

Q: Tell the people what your Twitter page is

Sonnen: “I believe it is ‘s-o-n-n-e-n-c-h’….’s-o-n-n-e-n-c-h’”

For more on this story, check out Dedrick Muhammed’s “Chael Sonnen Not Fit for Public Office“, and of course Nigel Jaquiss’ “Fighter, Candidate Chael Sonnen Lies About Twitter Account.”

5 thoughts on “Chael Sonnen busted, caught lying about Twitter account”
  1. You guys are sooo willing and ready to jump on anyone about being racist if they don’t agree with your rhetoric. Common now. Grow up a lil Nigel.

    People in the stature of Chael, may or may not know if he does have an account and if so doesn’t mean hes the one running it. Or, perhaps, he set one up before he became famous? Just because he NOW has an account means nothing. What if it were set up by his mother two days ago? Or maybe because its the 2000’s and its a good thing to stay up with the times and this crazy lil thing called the internet, he thought it wise to open an account after getting badgered for not having one? Or maybe he had one thought it was shut down since he’d not been on it for a while. Way way to many options man to jump on the racist band wagon before you know the facts involved.

    And being racist because of this is just well, racist. Common now Nigel, grow some man size cehonies on this one and use your brain a lil buddy. Don’t just jump on the first conclusion because you have issues with this man and an inferiority complex….

  2. What a racist prick. and Firewolf, saying racist thing signifies being racist. If we are not supposed to judge people on their actions then what the fuck are we supposed to do, just take people’s word for it?

    Let me guess, you don’t think your racist because you have a black friend?

  3. @Mek

    Racist? You are an immature moron. How does does anything he has said truly represent racism?

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