FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – “Shine Fights 3: Worlds Collide” has been stopped by the North Carolina State Athletic Commission. The event, which was to feature the MMA debut of professional boxer Ricardo Mayorga, started running into problems last week when Don King Productions filed a cease and desist ordering Shine Fights to immediately stop all promotion of Ricardo Mayorga.

Then news came out earlier today that a Broward County judge upheld the motion and Shine Fights was not allowed to promote Mayorga due to his contract with Don King Productions.

Shine had decided to go ahead with the show and move the bout between Murilo “Ninja” Rua and David Heath to the main event, but according to Karyn Bryant who was serving as part of Shine’s broadcast team, the athletic commission has shut the whole thing down.

This is a terrible situation. Shine has been promoting this card for many many months and it is going to be tough for them to recover from something like this. When you think of all the tickets which will have to be refunded, all the fighters and employees who were supposed to be paid, combined with all the time and money fighters spent training for the event, it is the worst possible scenario.

Stay tuned to ProMMAnow.com for more on the cancellation of “Shine Fights 3: Worlds Collide”.

6 thoughts on “Breaking News: “Shine Fights 3 – Worlds Collide” cancelled”
  1. That’s a shame. I was looking forward to seeing Din Thomas give him a nice welcome to MMA with some GNP or submission.

  2. Why are events always cancelled here in Fayetteville?Ft. Bragg area? Is is more than a shame. It is just DUMB!!! Do you people realize that alot of our military as well as civilians purchase these tickets to try and support this event as well as this town. So, how many more events will be cancelled. Keep this crap up and I’m sure your support from the city will die.
    This never would have happened in Charlotte or Raleigh. Those cities are no better than Fayetteville. I suggest that whoever, figures out a way to fix this and get this set up again with major discounts.

  3. LOL you did call it from the beginning. That’s hilarious. They made their biggest mistake with trying to promote him as a boxer vs. mma fighter. Has anyone even heard of him training MMA? Maybe they have but I haven’t seen one video nor photos showing him doing any grappling, kicking, etc. Oh well. It is Shine’s fault but Don King is still a douche.

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