Now that Shane Carwin has proven he is the UFC’s number one heavyweight contender with his complete destruction of Frank Mir, the next stop on this freight train’s ride is a heavyweight title shot against champion Brock Lesnar. The two behemoths will clash at UFC 116 on July 3 in Las Vegas. wants to know your opinion; does Carwin have what it takes to dethrone the former WWE superstar?

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Carwin vs. Lesnar”
  1. Brock will win. He’s too strong for Carwin. Brock will do what Carwin did to Mir by pressing him against the cage to deliver some dirty boxing.

  2. I think Carwin is just as strong, if not stronger than Brock and is gonna KO the MMA wannabee

  3. The way I see it Brock is back to Zero this time. If Brock fights Carwin at 100% health and in the Fighting form he had before then he would have a chance against Carwin. If not, he’s going to lose the Heavyweight Title. Carwin has more experience in the Octagon than Brock. Brock won’t be able to manhandle Carwin like he did with his previous opponents. If Brock tries to get near Carwin he’s going to get knocked out.

    Carwin is definitely the stronger puncher. But Brock has got his wrestling and athletic ability.

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