, along with other media outlets, was on a conference call today with Chuck Liddell. Liddell will be coaching the fight team opposite Tito Ortiz on this season of “The Ultimate Fighter 11”. The season premiere of TUF 11 airs this Wednesday night at 10pm PT/9pm CT on Spike TV. Here is a sneak preview of the first episode which reveals the show’s first elimination bout fighters.

Chuck Liddell – audio:

Notes from the call:

From what I understand he’s [Tito] signed to fight and he’s still coming to get the beating he’s supposed to have.

Jake Shields should come over to the UFC at the 170 lb. division and make a run for it there.

I still think I can beat anybody in the world at my weight.

I’m at 220-222 lbs.

He said I had an intervention in November. I don’t know where that came from.

…to make things up about my personal life, he’s a scum bag.

I was looking at him [Tito] as a tune-up fight… Now instead of a tune-up fight, I’m training to hurt him.

Chuck said Tito did the worst thing he could have done by pissing him off and making him motivated.

I want to make another run at the title.

Chuck feels once he beats Tito, he needs a couple more wins before he could get a title fight.

Chuck said Dana is taking his Octagon return on a fight by fight basis.

I’ve heard the rumors about Rich Franklin stepping in for Tito. I hope it’s not true… I want him [Tito] bad.

I don’t watch reality shows, period… I would just want to see training and fighting if I had my choice. But then a lot of people wouldn’t watch it.

I want whoever they match me up with that will get me closer to a title shot.

To be honest it looked like he gassed somewhere in the second round… by the third round he couldn’t even move. He looked pretty good in the first round. [Tito’s last fight]

He never posed a threat to me. [Tito]

I’m interested to see. I want to see what happens… I’m going to be checking it out. It should be good. [TUF 11]

I miss fighting… and I miss knocking someone out. That’s what I miss most.

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