Photo by Tami Carswell / - American Top Team coach Ricardo Liborio speaks with Thiago "Pitbull" Alves and other students.

American Top Team’s Thiago “Pitbull” Alves and Yves Edwards are just a couple of the exciting and hardworking fighters that keep us anticipating matches featuring Coconut Creek mixed martial artists.

American Top Team (ATT) is one of the leading teams in MMA.  ATT’s main academy is in Coconut Creek, Fla., but has 20 franchises throughout the U.S.

ATT’s head coach and the man who is getting “Pitbull” ready for his upcoming fight at UFC 111,  Ricardo Liborio,  co-founded the celebrated American Top Team. He is considered a legend as both a BJJ champion and an MMA coach.

We got a chance to see him in action with the ATT fighters and enjoyed observing his warmth and playfulness. His energy keeps your attention almost as if you are being magnetized by his enthusiasm.

Ricardo proudly toured us around the massive training center and described his confidence in the skills of Thiago.  Alves is 16-3 in MMA with 10 wins by knockout, repeatedly displaying his love of striking.

At UFC 100 Thiago promised fans that the fight with GSP would end with a KO. In the end, Alves was unable to stop the takedowns of the welterweight champ.

Alves was set up to bounce back against Jon Fitch at UFC 107. That was until Alves suffered a PCL tear in preparation for the fight.

The “Pitbull” is back up and ready to take a bite out of John Fitch in UFC 111 on March 27, 2010.  The fight card will be headlined by a welterweight title fight between returning champion Georges St. Pierre and challenger Dan Hardy.

The rematch with Fitch will be sure to dazzle fans with all the build up behind it, and of course UFC 111 will determine what is next for GSP and Thiago as well.

Another ATT fighter that shines brightly is Yves Edwards. He is a well-rounded fighter, with  stand up strength as a boxer and a Muay Thai fighter. His BJJ is nothing to be trifled with thanks due to his black belted coach Liborio.

What fans have imprinted in their head about Edwards is his head kick KO of Josh Thomson. If you have not watched that footage you owe it to the sport to look it up and watch it!

Maintaining his KO style Edwards recently won a February fight against Derrick Noble.  After timing Derrick and feeling him out Yves dropped him with a straight left and finished him up on the ground. That is three wins in a row all by stoppage.

We here at will be keeping you posted on the upcoming ATT camps.  Liborio has invited us to be a part of their magic and share with us the stories of the very talented athletes that lay it all down in Coconut Creek.

Ricardo Liborio talks with’s Tami Carswell
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Yves Edwards talks with’s Tami Carswell
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  1. Thiago is good but GSP really exposed him. He’s not nearly well-rounded enough and I don’t see him becoming champion ever. If he does he will likely not keep it for long.

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