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FRESNO, Calif. – On Friday, March 26, as part of Showtime’s “Strikeforce Challengers” series, unbeaten Zoila “Warrior Princess” Fruasto (5-0) will take on Miesha “Takedown” Tate (7-2) at the SaveMart Center in Fresno, Calif. The 135 lb. match-up will be part of the live telecast beginning at 11:45pm ET/PT (delayed on west coast).

Miesha Tate was recently quoted as saying Frausto comes off as “cocky and arrogant.” Frausto has rebutted those statements in a Strikeforce press release received on Wednesday:

“I don’t think it’s me. It’s all on her. She’s drawing a lot of attention to the fight which is a good thing. But she’s doing it the wrong way. She’s calling me all these names and saying this and that about me and none of that is really me. She’s putting it out there that I’m this bad, cocky, arrogant ghetto person. We’re both in the same sport and I’m a professional fighter. I go out there and train as hard as she does. Why is she painting this picture? I have no idea. It looks like she’s making me out as the bad guy and it’s kind of working. But a lot of people who know me and have seen me train and work out with me know that that’s not the case. It’s really just lit my fire a little bit and I use that as I train and think about it as motivation. It’s brought something out of me as a fighter and athlete that I’ve really never seen. She can talk all she wants but she’s just going to have to bring it on March 26 and I really hope she does because I’m going out there to win in front of my hometown fans and my people. I really hope she’s training as much as she’s talking because she will not embarrass me.”

Frausto also said she thinks Tate is spending time she could be training checking her online Fan Page daily:

“Yeah, I hope she is because that’s just more time away from her training. In fact, I know she’s looking at my MySpace because I made a comment on there that was meant to be funny and she took it the wrong way. From what I hear that’s all she does is sit on the computer and chat on all these forums. People are coming to me all the time saying, ‘You’ve got to check this and check that’ and I just say, ‘No I don’t have time for all that BS.’ I know what is going on and I could care less what people are writing about me because I’m going to bring all of myself March 26. Let her spend her time doing that stuff. If that’s what she wants then it’s all on her. That has nothing to do with me.”

Frausto’s last fight was at Tachi Palace in February, she defeated Jessica Rakoczy via armbar in the second round. It was the fifth win of her career. Her other four victories came by decision.

Tate’s most recent bout was also an armbar submission victory. She defeated Valerie Coolbaugh in the first round at “Freestyle Cage Fighting 38” back in January. She is currently on a two-fight win streak.

If you like watching top tier female MMA, you don’t want to miss this fight. Tune into Showtime this Friday night for a stacked “Strikeforce Challengers” event.

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  1. I think Tate has it in the bag. Frausto’s style of fighting leaves her wide open for straight shots and shoots. Tate will win by submission.

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