Breaking News Exclusive: Chad Corvin signs contract with the UFC

Chad Corvin is the newest addition to the UFC's heavyweight division
Chad Corvin is the newest addition to the UFC's heavyweight division.

Speaking exclusively to, Chad Corvin has announced that he has signed a contract to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A heavyweight fighting out of Elizabethtown, Kentucky and training with Etown Beatdown, Chad has compiled a professional record of five wins with no losses, with all of his victories but one coming by way of stoppage in under two minutes of the first round.

Although Corvin hasn’t fought in almost a year, he has still garnered attention in the MMA world, most recently in the form of a YouTube video (embedded below), “The Ultimate Fighter Alternate Heavyweights Part 1”, posted by an MMA enthusiast that listed the top 10 prospects the UFC could have used on season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter – Corvin was ranked number one, ahead of the likes of Bobby Lashley (#2) and Roger Gracie (#3).

Chad had this to say about his new opportunity:

It’s an honor. It’s what everybody hopes for in our line of work, like a minor league baseball player being called up to the majors. I’d like to match up with somebody in the same position as me, new in the UFC, new to the program, and just work my way up. I’m at the bottom right now, so I’ll start at the bottom and go up. It came as a surprise. I was on YouTube and put my name in [the search box] so I could watch one of my fight videos and I saw something new (The Ultimate Fighter Alternate Heavyweights Part 1 mentioned above) and saw I was number one on the list. Josh [Johnson] contacted me a few days later and told me there were a couple contract offers. It was a big surprise because I’m just an average guy working for a living.

Corvin most recently fought for the Florida-based Xtreme Fighting Championships (XFC), with his wins in the promotion including a 19 second KO of Rico Hattingh (video embedded below), and he has also fought for the Warrior Fighting Challenge.

At just 23 years old, Corvin has excellent potential to have a long career in the sport’s largest promotion. I also had the opportunity to speak to Josh Johnson, Corvin’s head trainer, who said:

We are excited, this is obviously a great opportunity. It represents the work he has done so far and we expect him to have a bright future in the promotion. He already has the skills to beat fighters in the UFC’s heavyweight division, but is still developing as a fighter and we’re excited to see what he can do.

By: Brian Furby