Tami Carswell lives in the Tapout House and train's at Greg Jackson's MMA Academy.

Tami Carswell’s Tapout house blog –┬áVictory favors those that take pain

We started out strong going into the gym. Everyone energized from a chill weekend. First we had some great stand up drills lead by Greg and then we switched to take downs.

When it was my turn I entered with the intention of defending anything that came my way. Staying low, I was ready when my opposition shot in on me, sprawling out I defended the shoot.

What happened next I did not anticipate. My sparring partner grabbed my torso on the ground, picked me up, and slammed me down right on my shoulder. When I got up I knew something was different.

There was a big bump on the top of my shoulder. I went to Greg and said I thought something was up with it. “Yeah you need to see a doctor,” was Greg’s response. Great! The other guys took the take downs to kickboxing with take downs urged onward by Cowboy.

Cowboy is training for his upcoming fight and everyone knew what that meant. It was going to be a rough day. I stood around after I got my stuff together watching the guys come out of the cage bruised and tired.

While I was waiting to go get checked out, Frosty came in who happens to be an orthopedic doctor.

Frosty told me I had my clavicle separated from my AC joint in my shoulder and I tore a band of ligaments that was holding it down originally.

I thought the logical next step would be to push it back in somehow. He explained that would not work and it would heal back on top of the shoulder bone.

I got the lowdown in regards to healing times and training with the injury.

He suggested that I reschedule my fight for March to give me a little longer with my training.

I was lucky to have a medical expert who works with fighters to help advise on this fight specific injury. On the way home I found out that about five of the other guys had gone through the same injury, including Cowboy.

Cowboy gave me some opinions on pain control and said “welcome to the life.”

What to do now? The plan is to wear a sling for awhile, take ibuprofen for the pain, and to start light training until I am ready to go full force.

Leonard told me that he had that same injury happen to him right before a fight and he had to train right through it. He said that it would be best for me to spar with the sling on to remind myself I was not ready to throw any right punches. The good news was I have to start relying on my right kicks more!

He told me that when he started back to throwing rights again he would sometimes see white spots when they landed because the pain was so intense. So much to look forward to!

I remember not too long ago, using an injury to help me improve my game. I broke my toe and used it as an excuse to concentrate on my jiu-jitsu.

I rolled and drilled with the boot on and then graduated to just rolling with one boxing shoe on to remind myself to take care of that side. I decided that I would even enter NAGA to have a competition to look forward to.

Everything happens for a reason. I am choosing to work the hell out of my right kicks in lieu of this. I plan to use the inevitable pain of it all to make my mind even stronger. The more obstacles the greater the glory!

I decided to call Jeff, founder and formulator of FOODFIGHT. FOODFIGHT is made by Boom Superfoods, my sponsor, and since I have been taking it I have had excellent results, including warding off a cold that was going around the house just by increasing the amount I drink of it throughout the day.

Jeff explained to me that yes, taking FOODFIGHT would also help me heal my injury faster. Just what I wanted to hear.

I am continuing to drink FOODFIGHT four times a day. The increased amount will not only help me with healing my injury but also cutting weight for my fight. I have found that it gives me the stamina I need to keep me going and also has me feel satiated even after a heavy training day.

Why will FOODFIGHT help me with my shoulder? Because of the recovery ingredients in it:

  • Maca has been shown in studies to help wounds heal faster among numerous other benefits.
  • Wild stinging nettle is high in silica, magnesium and other minerals that are great for building and repairing joint tissue, skin, hair and nails. It has been used as a spring tonic for centuries.
  • Spirulina has been an underground secret of endurance athletes for over 30 years. It is Mother Nature’s very own multi vitamin/multi mineral and amino acid complex in a single cell package. Incredibly potent and powerful for stamina, endurance, recovery and detox/healing.
  • Chlorella is very similar while delivering other unique benefits.

It was great to be able to do light training twice today. The shoulder is feeling better everyday. It was also cool to watch Cowboy spar with Leonard; two excellent fighters focused and always in motion.

When we got home we watched the WEC preview for Cowboy’s upcoming fight with Ratcliff. Watching Ratcliff’s fight highlights I knew Cowboy was definitely going to cause that boy some pain!

Tonight Leonard came home with a tattoo artist who is working on the tattoo he started last week. His tattoo is of a Mexican samurai. Leonard explained that he wanted the samurai and his Mexican heritage together because they are similar in spirit.

The samurai warrior is technical and effective in its attacking methods. The way the Mexican people fought was in the same way. They had to fight hard to keep their independence. They are very prideful and hard working. Leonard is proud of his heritage and is adding this tattoo to his canvas to display that.

Kyle, another fighter resident here at the house, recently got a tattoo that has made an impression on me. It says “Victory favors those who take pain” in Latin. All of us here can relate. Part of fighting includes being intimate with pain. Like Cowboy said “welcome to the life”.

Tami Love Carswell uses FOODFIGHT!!

The other great news that is going on for me while I have been here is that BOOM Superfoods is now an official sponsor of the new reality TV series “Ultimate Women Challenge,” to air on syndicated NBC networks in 2010.

There will be celebrity hosts, judges and guests. All 16 female MMA fighters on the show will be using FOODFIGHT every day to enhance training and recovery.

Jeff McIntosh, founder and formulator of FOODFIGHT, will be on the show as well, demonstrating its use, and talking about the benefits of superfoods.

We are even talking about shooting the commercial right here in New Mexico featured one Miss Tami Love Carswell. I love my life! More on the show next blog.

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-You can learn more about FOODFIGHT, its many benefits, uses, and very special 100% vegan ingredients at www.boomsuperfoods.com.

By: Tami Love Carswell

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  1. Great training insight Tami!! Must be a great experience training out there with all of that talent.

  2. Sorry to hear about your injury, but it sounds like you can use it to your advantage while it’s healing. Keep up the great work.

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