Jeff Monson signs with Strikeforce? (updated)

Monson is 8-2 in his last 10 fights.

According to a new report on Around the Octagon, submission specialist Jeff Monson (31-9) has signed with Strikeforce. Citing sources close to the fighter, the report states Monson will debut with the promotion in 2010 and will likely drop to 205 lbs.

Monson likes to remain active, and usually fights a minimum of three times a year. He fought five times in 2009, going 4-1. He actually holds a decision win over newly crowned Ultimate Fighter Roy Nelson, in a fight that took place in March of this year.

Monson is also a 6x UFC veteran, going 4-2 in the Octagon. His last fight in the promotion was at UFC 65 in Nov. 2006, when he lost a unanimous decision to Tim Sylvia.

Strikeforce already signed UFC veteran Dan Henderson this week, who just knocked out the UFC’s biggest U.K. star, Michael Bisping, and now they sign Monson, who holds a win over season ten’s Ultimate Fighter. Is the San Jose based MMA promotion slowly creeping up on the big show?

Frankly, a light heavyweight match-up between Henderson and Monson sounds pretty damn good.

UPDATE: Strikeforce officials are denying that Monson has signed with the promotion.  – Maybe they can’t announce it yet because he has a fight with Travis Fulton on Dec. 12, or maybe they plan to sign him after the Fulton fight. But so far they are denying it. Around the Octagon usually has very good sources so… we shall see how this plays out.

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