My name is Tami Love Carswell and I am a female MMA fighter constantly working on making my dreams come to fruition. I have been training and learning as much about this sport as fast as possible. I started out only with “The Sweet Science” of boxing and soon began working on many other fight skills with the goals of perfecting them.

I have been very fortunate to partner up with Boom Superfoods in my mission to rise to the top. For me it was important to find a product that I believed in and one that would assist my body during training. In my initial conversation with Jeff McIntosh owner and alchemist of Boom Superfoods, I agreed to try FOODFIGHT and let him know how it resonated with me.

To my delight FOODFIGHT was a greens drink full of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seaweeds designed to help my body with all the demands I put on it through my fight training. In Boom Superfoods I have found a like minded partner sharing many viewpoints on what a true warrior looks like.

Like Jeff, I feel that a warrior needs to prepare themselves by maintaining a high level of mental, physical, and spiritual consciousness. Being aware of yourself, friends, family, the community that supports you, your mental state, what you put into your body, and what actions you are taking to achieve the goals you set, are some components of what makes up a warrior.

Jeff is interested in supporting me because he sees that I am a woman that not only has a dream but avidly goes out seeking to obtain that dream.

Training is Life at the Tapout house:

Day 1

I came to the Tapout house because I have a dream of kicking ass in the pro MMA women’s division. Through communicating online with Cowboy’s agent Bryan, and taking an interview with pro fighter Julie Kedzie, I was invited to take part in training with the best of the best at Greg Jackson’s gym and to live at the Tapout house.

Managing World Vibe Mixed Martial Arts gym in Tallahassee, Florida, and teaching both one-on-one sessions and boxing classes, I had a lot to tie up before I could make this journey.

With the support of my gym mates and my girlfriend I headed out west to Cowboy’s Tapout house. Filled with excitement, I arrived at the airport and was received by Cowboy and a team of house mates.

During the thirty minute drive to the ranch the guys gave me the lowdown on the house and expressed their excitement of having me stay as one of the first women at the house.

When we got to the house the guys helped me settle into my Tapout bunk. I met all the other fighters of the house. Right now we have Goyo, Jacob Kirwan, Matt Burosh (fighter/writer), Kerrie, Spencer, Diego, Kyle, Jose, Eric, Bobby, Leonard Garcia, Cowboy, and myself staying here. I laid down and did my best to get to sleep despite my anticipation of my first day of training.

Day 2

Cowboy woke us all up in the morning to get ready for my first day training. I started out my day with my daily ritual of drinking a mixture of a fresh lemon, water, and FOODFIGHT.  I packed up and we headed out for training.

First we went to Cowboy’s kickboxing trainer, Ray’s gym for morning mitt work. Watching Cowboy’s combinations and complete presence in the moment was very inspirational.

Ray worked with some of us and the rest of us drilled the combos on the heavy bags. Ray encouraged one of the fighters by repeating “training is life”. After Ray’s, we headed off to Jackson’s gym. Cowboy led us all in an MMA class going over escape drills.

The advanced MMA drills gave us many options to gain control from many different compromising positions. After that,  Julie Kedzie offered to have me roll with some of the women.

Women’s team leader, Julie Kedzie’s pride in her team gave me a taste of the kind of teamwork that Jackson’s gym thrives on.

After training, we returned home to build a stable gate for Cowboy’s horses and other farm animals. Led by Cowboy’s best friend Eric, we put our minds together to build an indestructible visually pleasing knotted pine gate to match the walls of the stable.

With a “no rest for the wicked” attitude we all got our gear ready and headed back to Jackson’s gym.

With everyone rolling and working their MMA skills, Cowboy jumped in to help Eric with winning solutions from the back. It was very motivating to watch Cowboy’s fluid ground game style. If this doesn’t work, then do this, or this, or this, and then strike them here, here, or here, or submit them here, here, or here.

It was truly an honor to be a part of that world class education. I was then introduced to Greg Jackson who was on his way to prepare to corner one of his fighters in the UFC. Greg said when he returned we would meet together and go over my plan. I can’t wait!

After finishing up at Jackson’s we headed back to Ray’s. Ray put Cowboy through an intense kickboxing conditioning session. The power and skill of his game is what I aspire to achieve for myself.

Ray had me spar a few boxing rounds with some of my house mates and gave me his initial assessment. Leaving the gym filled with areas to work on I was once again thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Tapout house.

On the way home Cowboy shared with us his journey in the world of professional MMA. He talked about hooking up with Tapout and how Mask encouraged him to become Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

Mask told him that Cowboy’s manager initially steered them away from sponsoring Cowboy, and how that only caused Mask to want him more.

For Cowboy it was a long journey filled with a long fight history until he was made in the world of MMA. He talked with us about sharing his dream with other up and coming fighters through the Tapout house. He said that this was his way of giving back to the fight community and helping other fighters achieve their fight career dreams.

He told us a story that summed up his feeling on what training as a way of life meant to him.  It was a story of two brothers who swam in a race to reach a buoy out in the distance. One of the brothers swam with everything he had and made it first to the buoy. After he made it out there he drowned because he did not save anything for the swim back. That is how Cowboy trains; putting everything he has into it and never saving anything anything for the swim back.

Day 3

When Cowboy woke us up we looked out our windows to see a snow covered ground. We bundled up and headed out through the snow and ice to train some more.

When we got to the gym  I got to spar with Julie Kedzie and learn some new kickboxing combinations. She showed me some great MMA moves including takedowns and dirty boxing moves.

That’s what sets Jackson’s gym apart is the integration of all styles for a complete MMA toolbox. After an awesome lunch at a Thai restaurant that Leonard Garcia turned us on to, we headed back to the house. I was tired and crashed out.

Day 4

After getting up I joined a few of the guys in the house to have a Mayweather vs. Pacman debate. Pacman all the way!! I put money down on it. Cowboy worked on some plumbing in the bunk room fighters’ bathroom making sure we were taken care of.

It is really cool to witness such generosity. Next we went out and started working on the stable roof in the snow and cold. All bundled up we became more and more chilled losing feeling in our toes and fingers.

Despite the cold we finished our objective. Mental toughness was our group mantra. After all, TRAINING IS LIFE!

5 thoughts on “Life at the Tapout House with female MMA fighter Tami Love Carswell – Introduction”
  1. you are in such a great place there with so many great fighters. im very anxious to see you in the cage. good luck Tami!

  2. You’ve worked really hard for a long time for this opportunity. I wish you the best and cant wait to see you in the cage. Good Luck Tami !! Tallahassee Loves YOU !!

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