Ricardo Mayorga is the most recent boxer to make the transition to MMA.
Ricardo Mayorga is the most recent boxer to make the transition to MMA.

(PRESS RELEASE) – Legendary Nicaraguan boxing great, Ricardo Mayorga has his sights set on being a mixed martial artist and is the latest top-tier athlete to join what is now the fastest growing MMA promotion in the world.

“I think I can say, and without sounding cocky, that I will do even better in MMA than I have in boxing,” said Mayorga via translator.  “I’m going to fight till I get my belt as a world champion then I can retire.”

Ricardo Mayorga first delivered the announcement via press conference for local Miami media at, The Fight Club, in Miami and answered the many questions that have already been buzzing through various media outlets.

“This is going to be huge; Huge for Shine Fights, huge for the sport, and huge for our fan base,” says Shine Fights, CEO, Devin Price.

Mayorga’s first opponent and fight date has yet to be announced while Shine is expanding its roster exponentially.  Details on the roster expansion and Mayorga’s transition will be released shortly from the Shine Fights press team.

Knowing that there will be a mixed reaction from the public about this new transition, Mayorga is focused on his core segment of hardcore fans to validate his new career choice.

“Of course my fans always tell me, ‘I heard your going to do MMA, what have you been waiting for all this time!'”

About Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga

Nicaraguan born, Ricardo Mayorga is about as decorated as any professional combatant can get.  Mayorga is the former WBA/WBC Welterweight champion and the former WBC Junior Middleweight champion.  Holding a fair record of 29-7 with 23 knockouts and 1 draw, Mayorga’s orthodox boxing style has contrasted with his unorthodox style outside of the squared circle.  Having faced boxing greats like: Vernon Forrest, Felix “Tito” Trinidad, Cory Spinks, Fernando Vargas, “Sugar” Shane Moseley and “The Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya, Mayorga is a certified legend.

Mayorga was featured for the first time on the cover of Ring Magazine‘s December 2003 issue, released in October with a cover that read, “The craziest man in the sport: Mayorga lights up boxing.

About Shine Fight Promotions, LLC

Shine Fight Promotions, LLC is a U.S. based enterprise that seeks to raise the awareness of the art, discipline, respect, passion, and talent that is mixed martial arts (MMA) to the global marketplace. Founded by MMA Fighter/Thai Boxer, Dorian Price along with his brother, Devin Price, Shine is committed to the growth and development of MMA creating a positive experience for both fighters and fans.  Shine works diligently to put on fights that fighter’s want and that fans want to watch by arranging the most competitive and interesting matches.  Shine Fight Promotions seeks to grow through innovation, high production values, dramatic and engaging fights, and the promotion of authentic MMA.

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  2. this is awesome. mayorga was one of my favorite fighters. this is huge news for me, i’ve almost since givin up on boxing. but mayorga is a fighter i would always watch no matter who he fought, wherever, whenever. this is awesome. hope he does well. and if shine fights is all about ‘dramatic and engaging fights’ i hope he doesn’t get grinded out by a lay n prayer. awesome!!!

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