Recently labeled “The Snitch” by his teammates, Matt Mitrione is battling through an injury to his shoulder during training, and wants to get a good old fashioned NFL cortisone shot to help out the injury.

Team “Rampage” is getting in a training session, with Coach “Rampage” reflecting on his 0-4 start. It’s easy to see that the losses are taking a toll on “Rampage”, as the coaching staff concentrates on Zak Jensen’s ground game, or lack there of.

The house has been pretty tame up to this point with the big men, but Wes Sims seems to think that Jensen has had some extra fun in the shower, nearly causing him to roll his ankle from the slip-n-slide action.

Mitrione is at the training center with his hurt shoulder, and after a plastic wrap mummification to protect his shoulder, he gets his train on. Coach Evans is not so sure that Mitrione is actually even hurt, and questions his desire to be the next to step in the cage for Team Evans.

Team “Rampage” gets in their training session, and “Rampage” is told about the shower spank episode with Jensen. Coach Jackson looks up to find Jensen passed out after sparring with Wes Sims. Jensen seems to really be showing some effects of being the social outcast at the house, and it will be interesting to see if he can survive the entire season.

Matt Mitrione’s shoulder is questioned again by the other Heavyweights as he is seen throwing footballs, and not having much problems moving. The other fighters believe that he is milking the injury to put off being picked to fight.

In the training session, Mitrione is shown working his ground game and the coaches do not believe that there is any type of injury to Mitrione at all.

Coach Evans calls for the guys to get ready for bag work, and Mitrione approaches Rashad wanting to ice up and work on his right hand, frustrating his coach.

“I just don’t get it, if you’re hurt, then really be hurt man,” said Coach Evans. “If you’re not then stop playing and wasting people’s time.”

In the van on the way to the training center, the jokes continue to be aimed at Zak Jensen, leading up to the fight picks.

Coach Evans selects PROMMA.INFO blogger Justin Wren to face off against Team “Rampage” fighter and resident crazy guy Wes Sims.

After the picks, Marcus Jones is visibly upset that he wouldn’t be the next in the cage, and storms off with Rashad laughing the whole time.

Off topic real quick…. I usually despise commercials, especially when they interrupt my favorite shows, but that Tapout commercial with Robert Drysdale doing a flying armbar is pretty damn dope…

Ok, back to the show…

The fans are introduced to Justin Wren, and the first thing that stands out about Justin is his age. At 22 years of age, Justin is the youngest fighter in the house, and will be facing off against the wily veteran Wes Sims.

Justin believes that his wrestling and aggressive fighting style will wear down Sims and make the difference.

“I think that I can really pressure him, and hopefully break him by being relentless by using my youth on my side,” said Wren. “So I’m going to work as hard as possible to get that five grand and really put on a show for all the people watching on Spike TV.”

Wes Sims tells “Kimbo” that he wants to make the fight exciting and “balls to the wall.”

“Kimbo” is still lobbying for another fight in the cage, and is hoping that he will get his chance.

“[Expletive], I’m going to fight again, I’m going to fight again,” said “Kimbo”.

Wes Sims gets in some training and believes that Wren’s wrestling won’t be much of an issue considering he trains with elite level wrestlers like Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman.

“I wanna win viciously or lose devastatingly,” said Sims.

It’s weigh in time and Justin doesn’t disappoint rocking some pink leopard print briefs, drawing laughs from the other fighters.

Sims has his own little black drawers on, and “Rampage” is pretty amused at the “panties” that both fighters decided to show the entire world on Spike TV.

It’s fight time…

Round 1 –
No touch of the gloves for this one. Wren shoots in immediately, and Sims counters in the clinch with foot stomps with his back against the cage. Wren separates, throws a couple of knees and punches then disengages.

Sims lands a front kick, and Wren gets the body lock and take down against the cage. Wren quickly passes to side control, then north/south, before transitioning back to side control. Wren quickly locks in an arm triangle and Sims is in deep trouble.

No sign of a tap from Sims, and Wren has the arm triangle locked in super tight. It’s just a matter of time now…. Sims is out! Justin Wren wins by arm triangle in Round 1 to advance.

Dana White has a good laugh after the fight.

“Hahahaha I don’t know what the hell happened to Wes since he fought in the UFC last time,” said White. “But, he got choked out quick and went right to sleep… I was very impressed with Justin Wren.”

Once again, a team “Rampage” fighter is left lying in the ring without their coaches. Team Evans is amazed again as he makes his way to the cage to check on Wes Sims.

It’s 5-0 for Team Evans, and the ass whooping continues.

Rashad and “Rampage” have a confrontation in the hall way about the coaching that quickly escalates back into a war of words between the two. It’s a damn shame that we won’t get to see this fight… especially in Memphis.

The preview for next week once again tease fans of the possibility of “Kimbo” getting back into the competition again, in addition to Jensen getting more heat as the outcast at the house.

Oh yeah and what about Wes Sims? What do you think will become of him after this season? He is a pretty funny guy. Maybe he could go into acting with his friend Rampage. I could picture  Wes in a sit com where he plays as a boxer and Bill Cosby is his manager… hell, he’s gotta do something.

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  1. Best episode yet! Justin really forced Dana to take notice of who he is and what he’s about. Did his talking in the cage. Wes Sims has been in there with many of the top guys, much more experienced than Justin, and Justin made him look like the rookie.

    Congrats to Justin too for being the first guy in TUF history to put someone to sleep!!

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