What happened to Frank Mir?

Frank Mir hates Brock Lesnar. That is fairly evident. He believes Brock broke some unspoken ethical “code” that martial artists are supposed to live by after his win at UFC 100.

For some reason this “code” excuses Mir from repeatedly degrading Lesnar in interview after interview since their bout. Surely, Mir would chalk all of it up to “hyping” up a potential rematch or finding another excuse why it is OK for him to talk endless smack about the champ, but when Lesnar celebrates his victory with a little “rubbing it in the face” of Frank Mir, then all the sudden he is the devil incarnate.

In an article in Tuesday’s Newsday, Mir said he was “disappointed by how Lesnar acts bringing his wrestling tactics into MMA.” Mir went on to say, “I think he’s an extraordinarily insecure person who isn’t very smart to begin with and he insulted all those people.”

Do you really think any of those fans at UFC 100 were offended that Brock Lesnar flipped them the bird? Do you really think they lost any sleep over that? And if they did, do you think Brock Lesnar gives a rip?

Not only does Mir try to tear down Lesnar by saying he is morally and ethically unsound, he then has the nerve to criticize his fighting skill. Mir says, Lesnar’s fight strategy was “cowardly” and “one dimensional.” He also said Lesnar was a big fat guy who does not have nearly the athleticism he possesses.

Maybe Lesnar knocked Mir so completely senseless he forgot his face was a bloody mess after the fight.

Mir has also recently statedthat Lesnar is “an embarrassment to the sport of MMA”, and that he “embarrassed himself and his children.” Mir said he wants a rubber match, claiming that he was “within half-an-inch of catching him.”

What happened to the Frank Mir that was so humble after defeating Nogueira? That Frank Mir was pretty cool.

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