Bobby Lashley’s amateur and professional wrestling histories have naturally brought comparisons to UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. With Lesnar quickly rising to the pinnacle of the sport, many expected Lashley to do the same in the same small amount of time. On paper the similarities are obviously there.

Both of the men have the type of amateur wrestling background that has continually spelled success in MMA. While Lesnar was an NCAA champion, Lashley was an NAIA champion and armed forces champion. Lashley’s physique is just as, if not more, chiseled than Lesnar’s, and they are both training with high level camps – Minnesota Martial Arts Academy and American Top Team.

In his last outing Bobby Lashley struggled against MMA journeyman Jason Guida. Although Lashley won all the rounds, he was almost submitted in the third round and let the fight go to the judges, which is certainly not a good idea in the land of hanging chads. It may not have been a totally dominant performance, but harsh criticism need not be slung at the prospect.

This was the former WWE star’s second fight, so it is safe to say that he is still learning and rounding out his entire MMA game. He is still a fairly high level heavyweight prospect and he may someday soon find himself in meaningful match ups. However, his need for growth as a fighter aggrandizes the accomplishments of Lesnar.

Lashley’s performance against Guida helps to underscore just how fast Brock Lesnar’s rise in the sport has been. Yes, Lesnar did lose his second fight to Frank Mir, and in the process show some growing pains, but his performance was still much more impressive than Lashley’s second outing. Many large and athletic wrestlers have come into MMA and struggled, while Lesnar has taken to the game as if it was second nature.

This, of course, does not mean that Lashley’s MMA career will follow the path of Kevin Jackson or Rex Holman, but his fight with Guida shows just how amazing it is that Brock Lesnar is now the heavyweight champion of the biggest MMA promotion in the land. He has only fought professionally four times, which is only two more fights than Lashley.

By:  Richard Mann

One thought on “Lashley vs. Guida makes Lesnar look special”
  1. I think Lesnar’s next fight (coming soon!) will be a true tell all about how well he is truly doing in the sport. There’s physical talent and that’s always a factor in any sport – but then there’s technique, skill, and experience – which he is working on. We’ll see how Lashley does.

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