UFC 94: ST. PIERRE vs PENN 2 takes place tonight, Jan. 31, 2009, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV. B.J. Penn, the UFC Lightweight Champion, has moved up to welterweight to try and grab a second title to add to his collection from Georges St. Pierre.

(WW) Dan Cramer def. Matt Arroyo by split decision
(LHW) Jake O’Brien def. Christian Wellisch by split decision
(WW) John Howard def. Chris Wilson by split decision
(LW) Thiago Tavares def. Manny Gamburyan by unanimous decision
(WW) Jon Fitch def. Akihiro Gono by unanimous decision

(LHW) Jon Jones def. Stephan Bonnar by unanimous decision
(LW) Clay Guida def. Nate Diaz by split decision
(WW) Karo Parisyan def. Dong Hyun Kim by split decision
(LHW) Lyoto Machida def. Thiago Silva by KO in rd.1
(WW) Georges St. Pierre def. B.J. Penn by TKO in rd.4

For surely what must be the first time in UFC history the first eight fights have all GONE TO DECISION!!! 

(LW) Clay Guida vs Nate Diaz
rd.1 – Guida gets a big slam on Nate Diaz. Diaz’s boxing looks great keeping Guida at bay on the feet and dominating the stand up.
rd.2 – Guida held onto Diaz for most of the round preventing Diaz to do much damage however Guida did no damange. When standing Diaz got the best of him. Diaz had a couple of good judo throws.
rd.3 – Once again Clay Guida did absolutely nothing but hold onto Nate Diaz and knee him occassionally in the leg. Diaz landed multiple punches. Guida was able to pull Diaz to the ground but did nothing when he got there but the judges still gave it to him giving Diaz his first defeat in the UFC.
Clay Guida defeats Nate Diaz by split decision

(WW) Dong Hyun Kim vs Karo Parisyan
rd.1 – Kim dominates Parisyan on the ground and locks a figure four leg lock around his body for much of the beginning of the round.
rd.2 – Karo comes back in this round gets a nice hard judo throw, nice boxing by Karo too. That round goes to Parisyan.
rd.3 – This round was very even but Karo probably won it with control. Much of the round was spent clinched in the standing position. Neither fighter received nor gave significant damage.
Karo Parisyan defeats Dong Hyun Kim by split decision

(LHW) Stephan Bonnar vs Jon Jones
rd.1 – Jon Jones threw Bonnar all over the cage, suplexes, throws, and more. Jones caught Bonnar’s kick and delivered a spinning back fist that knocked Bonnar to the mat. Jones dominated.
rd.2 – Jones slowed down a bit this round but still did good. Had a nice throw on Bonnar and Bonnar did fairly well with dirty boxing and some punches.
rd.3 – Bonnar tries to pick up the pace in the final round but Jones is elusive from the attack. Bonnar with the dirty boxing but eats a knee and again. Bonnar tries for a trip but gets easily reversed. Bonnar attemps a triangle but no dice.
Jon Jones defeats Stephan Bonnar by unanimous decision

Here comes one of the most exciting fights and exciting match ups you could ever have. Both of these fighters are 13-0, both are Brazilian. Soneone’s 0 has got to go!
(LHW) Lyoto Machida vs. Thiago Silva
rd.1 – Lyoto Machida has never looked better. I don’t think Silva landed a single shot. Silva played right into Machida’s game plan, every time Silva would come forward he would eat a big knee, a punch , kick, and  even a takedown. Machida dropped silva twice by strikes and then a third time with one second left in the round at 4:59 Machida delivers the knockout blow and Silva falls to his back lights out.
Lyoto Machida defeats Thiago Silva by knockout in round 1 The one person who has been criticized for going to decisions is the only person to finish the fight and get a KO on a card filled by decisions! (up to this point) Rogan says near the end of the fight concerning Machida, “…he has a great package.”


(WW) B.J. Penn vs. Georges St. Pierre – UFC Welterweight Title Fight
rd.1 – GSP tried most of the round to take Penn down but could not. Penn won’t let his hands go for some reason but did throw a few jabs. A lot of clinch work.
rd.2 – Good round for GSP. Gets Penn to the ground finally and lands great ground and pound. B.J. looking tired after the round. Dominant round for GSP.
rd.3 – GSP gets B.J. down again and lands some ground and pound. B.J. gets up
rd.4 – BJ. got crushed. GSP battered him with ground and pound the entire round. B.J. is all but done. The ref almost stopped it. The doctor takes a look at B.J. between rounds and B.J.’s brother says ‘no more’ and the fight is over. It never look like B.J. showed up. He never got his hands going. As Rogan says after the fight, B.J. needs to stay at 155. If we learned anything tonight, that was it.
Georges St. Pierre defeats B.J. Penn by TKO (corner stoppage) in round 4

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  1. I was disapointed that they were all that long, no chance to see any of the undercard fights, but loved the main event! GSP did exactly what I picked him to do, but took one round longer than I thought and picked. He is a complete MMA Fighter, forever improving and evolving.

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