PRO MMA ( has the real time live play by play results of UFC 93: FRANKLIN VS. HENDERSON from the 02 Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

Main Event
(LHW) Dan Henderson defeats Rich Franklin by split decision
Main Card
(LHW) Mauricio Rua defeats Mark Coleman by TKO (strikes) in rd 3
(MW) Rousimar Palhares def. Jeremy Horn by unanimous decision
(MW) Alan Belcher def. Denis Kang by submission (guillotine) in rd 2
(WW) Marcus Davis def. Chris Lytle by split decision
Preliminary Card
(WW) John Hathaway def. Tom Egan by TKO (strikes) in rd 1
(LW) Dennis Siver def. Nate Mohr by TKO in rd 3
(LHW) Tomasz Drwal def. Ivan Serati by TKO (strikes) in rd 1
(LHW) Eric Schafer def. Antonio Mendes by TKO (strikes) in rd 1
(WW) Martin Kampmann def. Alexandre Barros by TKO (strikes) in rd 2

(LW) Dennis Siver vs Nate Mohr
rd.1 – Siver drops Mohr with a headkick followed by punches. Mohr recovers and gets a takedown. Mohr tries some ground and pound to no avail. They end the round on the feet trading punches.
rd.2 – Mohr lands a nice headkick that rocks Siver. Siver bounces back with leg kicks and punches.
rd.3 – Siver lands a spinning back kick that drops Mohr to the mat. He finishes him off with some punches until the ref stops it.
Dennis Siver defeats Nate Mohr by TKO (strikes) in rd 3

(LHW) Ivan Serati vs Tomasz Drwal
rd.1 – Serati goes for two unsuccessful takedown attempts then Drwal shoots and gets his own takedown. He lands some vicious ground and pound shots forcing the ref to step in ending it quickly.
Tomasz Drwal defeats Ivan Serati by TKO (strikes) in rd 1

(LHW) Antonio Mendes vs Eric Schafer
rd.1 – Mendes secures a takedown on Schafer but Schafer is able to reverse and mount Mendes. Schafer then lands numerous punches that do damage until Mendes is in severe trouble. The ref is forced to intervene giving it to Schafer.
Eric Schafer defeats Antonio Mendes by TKO (strikes) in rd 1

(WW) Alexandre Barros vs Martin Kampmann
rd.1 – Barros lands a kick to Kampmann’s groin putting him down. Time out is called while Kampmann recovers. Kampmann then lands a good body kick and a couple of knees. Kampmann attempts to submit Barros via guillotine choke to no avail.
rd.2 – Kampmann secures a takedown and then the mount. Barros gives up his back and Kampmann finishes him off.
Martin Kampmann defeats Alexandre Barros by TKO (strikes) in rd 2

(WW) John Hathaway vs Tom Egan
rd.1 – Hathaway scores a takedown early in the round. Egan gets to his feet but is taken right back to the ground. Hathaway takes Egan’s back while landing some vicious elbows causing the ref to halt the bout near the end of the round.
John Hathaway defeats Tom Egan by TKO (strikes) in rd 1a

(WW) Marcus Davis vs Chris Lytle
rd.1 – In the best round of 2009 Lytle lands a big right right off the bat and stuns Davis. Davis is doing great with counter punching and both guys land some good stuff.
rd.2 – Lytle is throwing BOMBS. At one point Lytle has Davis in trouble and Davis literally runs away. Davis counter fighting for the most part as Lytle stalks. Davis landed a good knee and some good shots as well.
rd.3 – Davis landed some big body kicks throughout in this round and throughout the fight. Both fighters traded punches and kicks in this round and both landed some great shots. Lytle appeared to slow down his pace just a bit in the final round. Very close bout.
Marcus Davis defeats Chris Lytle by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

(MW) Alan Belcher vs Denis Kang
rd.1 – Kang dominated Belcher on their feet. Kang took Belcher to the ground but Belcher gets back up. He takes him down again where he was able to land some good knees and held him down.
rd.2 – Kang gets Belcher to the ground but is unable to do much as Belcher’s defense is very good. The ref stands them up. Just as Rogan and Goldberg say that Kang looks a bit tired and could have had an adrenaline dump being this is his first UFC fight, Kang shoots in and Belcher locks him up in an arm-in guillotine forcing him to tap near the end of the round.
Alan Belcher defeats Denis Kang by submission (guillotine) in rd 2

They just announced that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will face Keith Jardine in an upcoming UFC.

(MW) Jeremy Horn vs Rousimar Palhares
rd.1 – Jeremy survived. Barely. He got suplexed and ground and pounded pretty badly.
rd.2 – Jeremy actually got the full mount on Palhares and went for an arm triangle that was pretty close. Horn did a lot better that round and Palhares is looking gassed but so is Horn.
rd.3 – Horn lands a good head kick but Palhares gets Horn back to the ground. Once on the ground though Palhares can do nothing to Jeremy and just lays on him for the majority of the time. Somewhat of a moral victory that Horn could survive. Palhares said he broke his hand in round one after the fight. Interesting to note that Horn came closer to winning by submission than Palhares.
Rousimar Palhares defeats Jeremy Horn by unanimous decision

(LHW) Mark Coleman vs Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
rd.1 – Phil Baroni is back in the corner of Coleman. Hold onto your hats. Coleman looks in great shape. Coleman got the take down right away and got some decent ground and pound. Shogun got back up. Coleman looking gassed got busted up by Shogun with punches and leg kicks. Coleman is all but done. But Coleman did land some punches.
rd.2 – Now Shogun is looking gassed as well. Can’t believe Shogun can’t finish him off. The fight looks in slow motion. Coleman got a couple of takedowns and the round ends with Coleman in Shogun’s omoplata attempt.
rd.3 – An embarrassing third round for both fighters. Both guys extremely gassed. Coleman actually was on top of Shogun for much of the round. Shogun threw a knee the ref thought was to the head while Coleman was down so the ref stands them up. This allows Shogun to deliver an uppercut and a combination that knocks Coleman down for a TKO.
Mauricio “Shogun” Rua defeats Mark “The Hammer” Coleman by TKO (strikes) in rd 3
Coleman is so exhausted after the fight he can barely talk. He sounds drunk. They did squash the beef after the fight. Coleman says, “Let’s do it again Shogun, it’s 1-1.” Please, for the love of all that’s holy UFC, do not EVER make this fight again. UFC is better than this. This is not 1994.

(LHW) Rich Franklin vs Dan Henderson
rd.1 – Hendo lands a big right to start off a great round. Franklin landed multiple body kicks. Hendo looking lo land that big right. An accidental head butt cut Franklin’s head.
rd.2 – Henderson got Rich to the ground and remained on top for much of the round. Henderson has some good leg kicks. No real significant shots landed.
rd.3 – Dan pokes Rich in the eye with 37 seconds left in the fight. Rich is given two minutes to recover. They finish off the fight. Dan had a takedown in the round which probably won him this fight via decision.
Dan Henderson defeats Rich Franklin by split decision “Decision Dan” makes an appearance once again. Dan Henderson will now be the coach on The Ultimate Fighter season 9 for Team USA and will end up fighting Michael Bisping at the end of the season.

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