Big John McCarthy a.k.a. The Oracle of MMA

“I believe that B.J. Penn is the number one pound for pound fighter in the world.” Even with those words coming from the legendary MMA referee, Big John McCarthy, he still believes that Georges St. Pierre will defeat Penn in their upcoming bout at UFC 94.

McCarthy sang the praises of Penn’s jiu-jitsu and striking while a guest on Sherdog Radio’s twenty-four hour charity marathon broadcast today. McCarthy said the one chink in B.J.’s armor is his wrestling and that is where Georges St. Pierre excels. Combine that with St. Pierre’s weight advantage, striking prowess, and athleticism and you have to give him the edge over Penn according to the former L.A. police officer.

Big John believes St. Pierre is the number two pound for pound fighter in the world just behind Penn. However, he thinks the extra weight B.J. will have to put on for the fight which is scheduled for 170 lbs. is going to be to his detriment while St. Pierre will be fighting at his optimum weight.

At one time Big John McCarthy was almost looked at as a prophet when it came to fight picks. It has been awhile since we’ve heard a public prediction from Big John, but it would be very hard to find someone with more insight. January 31st in Las Vegas, Nevada we will find out if Big John still has the touch.

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