by:  Jack Bratcher

We often hear fighters who have been on The Ultimate Fighter talk about how they were perceived and how the editing made them look.

The TUF editors have not gone out of their way to make Frank Mir look good that is for sure.

Case in point was the traditional coaches’ challenge which this season happened to be soccer.

Right away we hear Coach Mir say that he was “set up to fail” being that Soccer is the national sport of Brazil and that is where the opposing coach, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is from.

However, Nogueira admits he has played very little soccer because he was so bad at it.

Frank Mir states, “So I went out there realizing Nogueira is nowhere near the athlete I am.”

On one had we have Frank Mir stating the whole thing was set up for him to lose but on the other hand he says essentially that it makes no difference because of his almighty athleticism there is no possible way coach Nogueira can beat him.

Well, Mir’s incomparable athleticism must have taken a nap because what we saw looked like a fat kid who ate so many cookies he could barely extend his arms to block a soccer ball from going in the goal.

Mir definitely did not like the enthusiasm of Nogueria’s team as the game progressed and they cheered.  Mir’s response was that he found it disrespectful and it started to get to him but he realized, “a lot of them are losers and they will never be studs.”

If Frank Mir tried any harder, it would be difficult to make himself look any more of a tool.

Then we have Coach Nogueira who all season we have seen being very close to his students, showing a great attitude and one can genuinely see that he cares about the young fighters.

Coach Nogueira said that to win $1,000 for each of his students meant more to him than him winning the $10,000 for himself.  It is apparent who this Champion is.

It is also apparent who Frank Mir is.  The disrespect he has shown to Nogueira and to Nogueira’s students is not an attitude you generally associate with champions.  Maybe it’s the attitude of Vegas studs.

The UFC should implement a special rules for their upcoming bout; if Frank Mir loses he has to change his name to Richard.

It is much more fitting.

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  1. There’s a difference between being Frank and being Dick. Wonder how many people got that Richard reference. I likes.

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