Many people were left feeling bewildered after UFC 88.  How could The Iceman, the most popular mma athlete in the world and a knockout artist in his own right, get laid out cold by a TUF winner?  How was this possible?  People began to act and speak as if it “shouldn’t” have happened.

Immediately after UFC 88 and following the KO heard around the world in Atlanta, Dana White spoke with ESPN radio where he addressed some of these concerns and a lot more. Here is what the good friend of Chuck Liddell and UFC President, Dana White had to say :

  • In reference to the main event, White states “Chuck Liddell has never been knocked out like that, ever.”
  • He goes on to say that Rashad Evans felt Chuck “was at the end of his career” and was very excited about his match up with the Iceman.
  • White talks about a “changing of the guard” and how The Ultimate Fighter is “the real deal” for bringing in new talent.
  • Now we have TUF 1 winner vs. TUF 2 winner for the LHW title.
  • White says the LHW title fight would have been Rampage vs. Forrest in a rematch but his legal issues screwed the timing up. [Rampage instead will fight Shogun.]
  • Dana discusses his questionable eating habits that were displayed during his video blogs.
  • Whoa…this is starting to make sense. The radio host mentions that Tom Atencio from Affliction had said they were being “blocked” from their Vegas card taking place. This is somewhat of a revelation considering that event was cancelled today. [PRO MMA has attempted to contact Atencio but have not gotten a response]
  • Dana insists the last thing he is worried about is a T-Shirt company that he already said would be out of the fight business by year’s end.
  • Dana says that Strikeforce has the right business model and they will be around. (It’s good to hear someone is doing it right besides the UFC.)
  • He also says he’s not out to squash these other companies but they pick fights with him so he calls it like it is.
  • “Brock Lesnar could become one of the greatest heavyweights ever,” says the UFC president.

Listen to the entire audio interview here.

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