Here are a few quotes taken from the hundreds and hundreds of friends and fans who have posted at The world and the sport is a lesser place now that he is gone but is definitely a better place because he lived:

“Evan was his own man. He knew his path, and he walked it, as he will continue to walk in our hearts.”
“Those of us lucky enough to know our quiet thinking fighter will carry him in our hearts forever.”
“I will always be a fan of yours. You lived life to the fullest and I appreciate everything you did for the sport of MMA.”
“Believe in the power of One, right Evan? You are my hero. Thanks for everything you did to make me believe again.”
“You are an icon for the sport and will live in our hearts forever as a legend.”
“This is what Evan Tanner was – a warrior for the sake of being a warrior.”
“He was the frist fighter that I saw and he is the way I love MMA. My hubby Chris and I have a son who will be 4 years old on the 13 on this month and his name is Evan Tanner Appleby! You will be missed and loved!”
“There honestly isn’t much I can say. So I’ll show it. My goals won’t stop. Evan, I’m getting my Blue belt, and then I’m getting my Purple belt, and my Brown and my Black. I’m not doing this because you’re gone. I’m doing it because I Believe. I finally Believe.”
“I say, keep fighting. You were great here, I guess someone needed you to corner them somewhere else.”
“I love you Evan. I hope you found the peace you were looking for.”

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  1. Evan you were such an inspiration. You reminded me of Jack Kerouac. You were ‘On the Road’. You were a mystic. A saint. Many did not understand your originality. But I did.

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