by: Jack Bratcher

It seems that the UFC has a new reality show in the works and rumored to be heavily involved is Matt Hughes.   The details of the show are not known.  Here’s the only info we have at the moment and it comes from Dave Meltzer via The Wrestling Observer:

“UFC is going to do a new reality show. I don’t know the details of the show itself, but my impression is it involves Matt Hughes in a big way.”

Most people know Matt Hughes as the former UFC Welterweight Champion and is often referred to as the most dominant Champion in UFC history.  Matt was also a coach on two different seasons of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike.  So Matt is no stranger to reality TV however, since Matt has recently talked about maybe only having one fight left, the format of this new reality show really leaves one guessing.  Hughes has one fight left on his UFC contract and he wants that fight to be against Matt Serra. He has insinuated that fight could be his final professional MMA fight before heading into retirement. Could this new UFC reality show follow Matt Hughes as he trains and prepares himself for the final fight of his long illustrous career.  Now that I think about it, that could actually be very intereting television.  You have the former Champion of the World; the most dominant Champion in MMA history getting ready for his last fight and a very personal one at that in Matt Serra. There’s a good chance win or lose he will retire after the fight with Serra so if the reality show were to film that whole process from beginning to end until that final bell is sounded and the winner’s hand is raised in victory and show Matt Hughes walking out of that cage for the last time; that indeed would be great TV.  Regardless if you are a big fan of Hughes, you have to admit that sounds intriguing.  

Keep in mind that the scenario and format of the show is pure speculation at this point.  All we really know is Matt Hughes is most likely involved in a big way so in what capacity he’s involved is purely hypothetical at this point.  Now what would not be very enticing would be good ol’ boys Matt and Mark Hughes on the farm living the “Simple Life” all over again.  That my friends, we can probably do without.  Nothing against farmers but it just doesn’t make for great television.   Oh and PLEEEZZZE don’t let it be a Matt Hughes hunting show.

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