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Damn, it has been quite a while since I have written anything MMA related. Five years to be exact. So, I figured there is no better place to start than combining my two favorite pastimes, fighting and gambling. If that is not a recipe for success (sounds more like a recipe for my first marriage), I don’t know what is. For any fan of MMA, this weekend will be packed with more fights than a European soccer match. Some, with skills equal to those of beer filled spectators in stands. At least there is no streaking in MMA…. Yet. Having stated the obvious I have chosen to focus on one of the more relevant cards taking place this weekend in Elite XC.

Elite XC – Odds courtersy of BetUS.com

Of the five fights with betting odds listed on this card, there are some enticing picks to be had. The only fight I see being a “sure bet” on this card is the match up between Murilo Rua (-270) and Tony Bonnello (+210). Barring some freak incident that is usually reserved for the likes of Kevin Randelman, I don’t see how Ninja does not run through Bonnello and start back down to road to an Elite XC title shot. Whether or not he gets to the end of that road is another story. Of the four remaining fights, there are two what I would call safe bets and two long shots with intriguing value. Ron “Dripping” Waterman (+125) is always a safe pick to win and it surprises me that he is a dog despite Herman’s (-155) undefeated record. Despite Waterman’s boring fight style that usually means awin and a safe pick.  I am going with him to give Herman his first loss. Next is the title fight between KJ Noons (+110) and Yves Edwards (-140). Now yes, I know that Edwards is more decorated fighter with much more experience but that is what they said about Nick Diaz, and look how fight turned out. I see KJ continuing on his upward trend and defending his newly aquired 160 lb title.

Now for the long shots. Speaking of Diaz (-450), he has recently undergone a medical procedure to shave down his ocular bones due to the build up scar tissue. This is a side affect of starting your fighting career at the age of 16 and not learning how to duck. Diaz’s opponent Mushin Corbbrey (+325) is also a veteran of the fight game across many different platforms including professional Shitokan, Muay Thai and Boxing. Now granted based purely on skill set, there a few fighters (especially on the Elite XC roster) that carry the pedigree of Diaz. However with all the recent medical distractions surrounding Diaz (legal and otherwise), I just see this being the upset of the night with Corbbrey stopping the fight by cut. Next we have Wayne Cole ( +245) against Rafeal Feijao (-325). To be fair and balanced (sorry Fox News!), my brain says Feijao but my wallet is screaming Cole especially after his recent win over another larger opponent in Mike Kyle. I will leave this one up to you.

So there you have it, the start of something new here at PROMMA. Check back with me next week for a follow up to the fights and an in depth preview of the upcoming Strikeforce event in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we will be cage side covering all the action (Hint, Hint, Mike Afromowitz!), and bringing all the news to the readers of PROMMA.com

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