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Rumors have been flying around that Kimbo tapped during his fight with James Thompson and that is why CBS cut the camera away into the crowd.  At the press conference after all of the fights Brett “grim” Rogers said he saw Kimbo tap and a fight almost broke out.  Did Kimbo really tap?  Who knows, but Gary Shaw and Kimbo sure as hell are trying to save face.  Check out the entire press conference courtesy of sherdog.

6 thoughts on “Did Kimbo Tap???? video of Press Conference”
  1. I don’t think Kimbo tapped. They asked James Thompson and he said that Kimbo didn’t tap. So that’s what I think. Unless I see it I don’t believe it. Though I bet he felt like tapping. I did wonder why they cut away though. But here’s my thoughts, CBS is running the cameras not Elite XC so I don’t think they would cut away just so we wouldnt’ see Kimbo tap.

  2. What about Big Black at the fight? Was that nuts or what? And they were all wearing Big Black Security T-shirts. LOL I love BB. Thanks for posting the press conference. I was wanting to see the whole thing but couldn’t find it yet. Good job plya. Kimbo is still classy. Thought he did a good job at the presser. As ugly as James Thompson is he did good at the presser too. Funny how he tried to get Shaw to commit to the win bonus in front of everyone. But I think his time is done with Elite XC. No way will they give him a rematch with Kimbo. Maybe he will fight on an undercard sometime but dude needs to cut that fucking ear off.

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