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Fifty-three-year-old man fights in MMA event on one hour notice and wins

Ah the wacky world of MMA…

In the video below the elder of the two combatants is known only as “Tim”, who came to the Illinois based Fire Extreme Fighting MMA show as a spectator. The rumor is, for some reason he was apparently asked at the door to be a last minute replacement for a fighter who had dropped out.

The 53-year-old agreed to step into the cage and went on to fight his 21-year-old opponent on only one hour notice. Check out the video below to see what happens and to find out who the surprise camera man is. This fight is from Fire Extreme Fighting’s April 28th show at the Kankakee Fair Grounds in Illinois.

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  1. This article in incorrect. He was an alternate who had previously weighed in and had fought for the organization twice before. He had a 1-1 record, had a complete physical and was fully capable of fighting at this amateur level. When his opponents original fight fell through he step up and took the spot.

  2. Still doesn’t change the fact that a 53 year old dude beat a 21 year old that appeared in better shape! That was SWEET! Im hitting 50 and a girl scout could give me a run for my money so I look up to this guy.

    The best part will be the ribbing the young guy is going to get from his friends ! HA

  3. you just never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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