VIDEO: Sting talks retirement after WWE hall of fame induction

Last night Steve Borden aka Sting officially  announced his retirement  near the end of his speech.  The speculation was that he was indeed to retire but he consistently denied it on Twitter over the past week despite these rumors.  At 57 years old the legendary professional wrestler decided to call it quits. In this video … Read more

Report: Braun Strowman attacked by fan after RAW went off air

Reportedly, a WWE fan was hastily escorted out of the arena after punching Braun Strowman in the face during the dark main event shortly after the 3/21 WWE RAW went off air. The event took place in Philadelphia which is notorious for their rowdy crowds. The dark match pitted The Wyatt Family against Sami Zayn, Dolph … Read more

Sting vs. Taker at Wrestlemania? Sting confirms not retired

TMZ caught up with Sting and he squashed reports that he was retiring. He said his neck was okay and that he is not calling it quits in Dallas next month. Now, rumors are surfacing that he may face Undertaker, not Shane McMahon, at Wrestlemania this year by stepping in as Shane’s replacement at the last … Read more

Jake Roberts shoots on Steve Austin’s WWE run

Jake “The Snake” Roberts is one of the greatest performers of all time in professional wrestling and still connects with fans today. His career would have seen him with the title but never it never panned out for him because Hulk Hogan stated he couldn’t sell out arenas – but he did – numerous times. … Read more

Report: Sting officially retires from pro wrestling

According to TMZ former WCW star and current WWE performer Steve “Sting” Borden has officially retired. The decorated wrestler is set to be inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame this year. The reason is apparently the neck injury that puts pressure on a nerve he received earlier this year in a WWE match … Read more

Shane McMahon shakes up WWE backstage politics

When HHH married Stephanie McMahon it seemed like a done deal that he married the future of the company and landed himself a sweet job. Everything was going great until Shane McMahon returned recently. Now, HHH finds himself in an awkward position, one of uncertainty about his own role and political power. HHH’s backstage politicking … Read more