John Bradshaw Layfield is a well documented bully both on camera and especially off. Look it up and you too can wonder how he still has a job with WWE as a commentator. Now, it looks like commentating legend Mauro Ranallo will not return to announce alongside JBL. According to reports, you guessed it, it was bullying that made it happen.

Ranallo fights depression and since his arrival in WWE as a Smackdown commentator there were reports from the get go that JBL was just about as unprofessional as he could be. According to a report posted on Saturday by, Mauro will not return to commentating once his contract expires.

Ranallo appears to be moving on because his Twitter is active with boxing and combat sports commentary promotion.

Bas Rutten has stated that he would like to lay in to JBL if he ever saw him when he was on an edition of Joe Rogan’s podcast. We would pay big money to see that.

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