Legendary WWE bully John Bradshaw Layfield.
Legendary WWE bully John Bradshaw Layfield.

Ian Williams of VICE Sports has joined in the crusade to end bullying and hazing in WWE. The most legendary of all bullies John Bradshaw Layfield was called out very publicly after Mauro Ranallo departed the company. JBL has been identified as a bully by dozens of former and current WWE employees. The kicker? Vince McMahon has reportedly either known before it happened or at least found his actions humorous.

Here’s what VICE printed:

WWE has to make a choice and it has to make it now—the stories about JBL are blowing up into a firestorm. It can be the family-friendly company or it can be the seedy carnival. It cannot be both. If it decides on the former, it also can’t stop with JBL’s firing (and it must be a firing, not a simple suspension); there has to be a company-wide examination of the crudity of its culture. No more mean ribs. No more Vince McMahon pulling ‘hilarious’ practical jokes on people like the time he had very real cops pretend to arrest an employee. No more initiations, no more hazing.

I agree. Fire JBL and send a message that performers we love and even some we don’t should never be bullied. Fire him, or stop promoting the anti bully campaign “Be a Star” while it still goes on.

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