Update on Mauro Ranallo silencing attempts by WWE

 Legendary WWE bully John Bradshaw Layfield.
Legendary WWE bully John Bradshaw Layfield.

As we reported earlier, WWE was rumored to be offering a settlement to Mauro Ranallo after JBL bullying came to light and was picked up by mainstream media.  The report came from legendary insider Dave Meltzer  and he has provided an update.  WWE has indeed initiated settlement discussions with Ranallo to keep him quiet about being bullied in a culture that is notorious for breeding this type of behavior.  Many independent wrestlers like the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega  are now coming out in support of Mauro.

If WWE succeeds we will continue to have a known bully on our television sets with a company who affiliates itself with an anti-bully campaign called Be a Star.

The outrage at the company’s allowance of JBL to remain on television is growing.

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