“Modern Family” star Ed O’Neill talks bullying on “Inside MMA” tonight on HDNet

DALLAS (June 24, 2011) Award winning actor Ed O’Neill joins the panel of HDNet’s hit sports show “Inside MMA” tonight, June 24th, 2011. “Inside MMA” hosts Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten are joined by panelists O’Neill (“Modern Family” “Married With Children”), UFC co-creator Rorion Gracie and UFC Featherweight Javier Vasquez to cover wide-ranging hot topics … Read more

Southern California gets its first exclusively SoCal MMA promoter

Lords of Combat poised to build Southern California’s MMA nerve center by arranging fight cards with all SoCal fighters. Orange County is now home to Lords of Combat — the first exclusively Southern California (SoCal) MMA event promotion company dedicated to raising local talent. The SoCal MMA tradition began in 1978, when Rorion Gracie moved … Read more

Ultimate Fighting: Fistful of Dollars to air on CNBC July 29

On Wednesday, July 29, at 1:00 AM ET/10:00 PM PT, CNBC will air a special report entitled “Ultimate Fighting: Fistful of Dollars,” which takes an in-depth look at how the UFC continues to grow during this economic recession. Here are a few videos about the show.

Dana White recalls his foray into Ultimate Fighting, and the phone call that changed the face of the sport forever.

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The loss of a pioneer – Helio Gracie passes away in Brazil

 Gracie Jiu-Jitsu founder and grandmaster, Helio Gracie has died. GracieMag.com released a statement this morning stating,”At 95 years of age, the great icon and one of those most responsible for Jiu-Jitsu’s success in Brazil and the world died this morning at home in the district of Itaipava, in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro.”

Lets take this time to look back at the legend that is Helio Gracie. The younger brother of Carlos Gracie, Helio’s initial foray into martial arts consisted of him watching studiously from the side as his older brother was taught the traditional art of Jiu Jitsu from the Japanese champion Conde Koma.

Being a man of frail statue, Helio did not have the physical attributes to consistently train with his older brother. So Helio, ever the innovator, began to take the techniques he saw his brother practicing and began to modify these techniques to his frail frame. As such, modern Gracie Jiu Jitsu was born.

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