Ric Flair’s reasons for hospitalization finally revealed and he is lucky

A People magazine story published this week revealed the life threatening conditions that hospitalized Ric Flair on August 11th. The WWE and WCW legend was reportedly in critical condition and until now no one outside the family knew why. He was in the early stages of kidney failure and congestive heart failure and is currently in a convalescent center in Atlanta. The 68 year old still needs a nurse available to him and the doctors aren’t ready to clear him yet.

“I’m not out of the woods yet,” Flair said in the article. “Anything I’ve been through before is nothing like this.”

Doctors inserted a pacemaker and removed a part of his bowel which is only done when absolutely necessary giving another clue to just how serious this is. The rumors circulated that he was only given a 20% chance to survive at one point.

Get well soon champ.

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