Does this confirm The Hardyz are headed back to WWE?

It’s getting lit! Recently, WWE posted a video of legendary tag team The Hardy Boyz on their Twitter account . You better believe tables were BROKEN in the battle between The #HardyBoyz at the 25th Anniversary of #WrestleMania! #WWENetwork Then Matt Hardy busted out a tweet of his own: Did someone say #BROKEN? EXQUISITE. Then … Read more

TNA reborn and Matt Hardy hinting at WWE return?

TNA is now known only as IMPACT and it is likely that with Dixie Carter and her regime finally gone that Jeff Jarrett and his crew wanted a fresh start with fresh faces. That isn’t quite what happened because Alberto El Patron aka Alberto Del Rio is the new champion defeating Bobby Lashley for it. … Read more

Merry Xmas: Broken Matt Hardy sings 12 Days of Deletion

Merry Christmas PMN loyal readers! One of the most refreshing characters that emerged in 2016 was “broken” Matt hardy.  Off-the-wall accent, crazy demeanor, and just an insane air about everything he did made it awesome. Check this video out of him singing “the 12 days of deletion”.   Please like & share:

WTF: WWE might do the right thing and reportedly sign Matt Hardy

YES! After adopting the eccentric, and let’s face it odd persona of “Broken” Matt Hardy it appears WWE might bring the character over to their programming. While this is just a rumor it is confirmed that there have been talks between the two. His run in TNA became noteworthy in the build up to his … Read more

Matt Hardy wants to delete Wyatts, claims he is ‘magic’ now, more

So Broken Matt Hardy who was pitted against his brother in the craziest angle in wrestling for a long time is locked in an internet feud with Bray Wyatt. Hardy is still in TNA and Wyatt is WWE all the way. While WWE hasn’t recognized the back and forth I think we can all agree … Read more

Report: WWE copying TNA Hardy storyline, TNA rebounding?

TNA is making a comeback?  Wrestling Observer Radio reported that more than a few WWE Superstars received an advance copy of the footage of what is being called a buzzworthy TNA match / segment. It is a match between Jeff and Matt Hardy taking place on the Hardy compound that culminated from this insane, strange, and so … Read more

TNA just produced one of the most cringeworthy TV segments ever – and it’s awesome

Remember when Matt and Jeff Hardy ruled the world? It was the Attitude Era in the WWF and they were high flying fan favorites. Now, well let’s just say they are embedded in a much lesser product in TNA. Recently, TNA produced a contract signing video in which, without spoiling too much, Matt Hardy plays … Read more