It’s getting lit!

Recently, WWE posted a video of legendary tag team The Hardy Boyz on their Twitter account .

You better believe tables were BROKEN in the battle between The #HardyBoyz at the 25th Anniversary of #WrestleMania! #WWENetwork

Then Matt Hardy busted out a tweet of his own:

Did someone say #BROKEN? EXQUISITE.

Then Dave Meltzer the legendary pro wrestling insider made this statement to The Daily Star:

The Hardys are coming to WWE, and soon. The only question is what day and what brand.

The only problem now is that Impact wrestling is doing everything they can to gain at least 50% ownership in their “Broken” gimmick that Matt himself developed. There are multiple lawsuits, cease and desist orders, and legal letters going out to the Hardyz about it. Will WWE book them anyway or will they wait for the legal stuff to die down?

Chances are they will be at RAW the night after Wrestlemania.


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