Chael Sonnen is legit ‘red hot’ at damage done to Anthony Smith

Usually when we hear Chael Sonnen say he’s mad it seems like a promo. This is different. The damage that Anthony Smith took from Glover Teixeira at last night’s Fight Night was very hard to watch. It’s great that people are praising his toughness and grit but it was so bad that he lost teeth. His face was battered and he was thoroughly exhausted well before the referee finally stepped in to save him in the fifth round. Anthony’s corner arguably should have stopped the fight after the third or fourth round but instead they chose to send him out in the 5th and that is what set Chael Sonnen off. This is definitely worth a listen.

Listen to Glover to Shera explain to Anthony Smith that his punishment was part of the job

Are you kidding me! During the assault on Anthony Smith by Glover Teixeira in the headliner of last night’s UFC Fight Night there were several verbal exchanges and one of them was the most honest statement I’ve heard during a fight from a fighter. Just watch, listen, and be amazed.


Glover Teixeira Octagon interview after Fight Night mauling of Anthony Smith

It was particularly brutal to watch. In the main event of Fight Night: Smith vs Teixeira We saw Glover Teixeira absolutely maul Anthony Smith. Mercifully the referee called a stopped to the action in round number five and saved Smith from further beatings. After the fight Smith could be heard saying that his teeth were falling out. If that doesn’t tell you how bad it was nothing will. Here is what Glover said in The Octagon after the impressive finish.

Moises finishes Johnson at Fight Night

Michael Johnson looked very composed tonight at UFC Fight Night: Smith vs Teixeira but was unable to escape a leg lock expertly executed by Thiago Moises. It went down in the second round and unfortunately the referee didn’t see the first tap meaning extra damage was done to Michael’s leg. It was an impressive win for Thiago and another stumble for Johnson.

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Alexander Gustafsson vs. Glover Teixeira full fight video highlights

Glover Teixeira is one tough dude. Top light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson faced off with the former title challenger in the UFC Fight Night 109 main event Sunday in Stockholm, Sweden. Gustafsson put an epic beating on Teixeira who just kept on coming forward. However, the biggest tree will fall if you keep on chopping, … Read more

Countdown to UFC Fight Night 109: Gustafsson vs. Teixeira (full episode)

Top light heavyweight contenders Glover Teixeira and Alexander Gustaffson will face-off in the UFC Fight Night 109 main event on May 28 from Ericsson Globe in Stockholm. Now go behind-the-scenes as these two former title challengers prepare for their upcoming showdown in Sweden.

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