UFC Superfight between Anthony Pettis and Jose Aldo is on!

Many an MMA fan has dreamed about a match-up between UFC Lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Now those dreams have become a reality… sort of. In this unedited actual gameplay footage from the upcoming EA Sports UFC video game, Pettis and Aldo go toe-to-toe. Check it out and see what … Read more

How to unlock Royce Gracie in EA Sports UFC game

There’s only one Royce Gracie. Considered by most to be the father of modern day MMA as we know it and the original UFC badass, Gracie would often fight three or four fights in one night and showed the world the undeniable effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In the new EA Sports UFC video game … Read more

Game Review: Dark Souls 2

Are you prepared to die again… From the loading of the game there is no indication of any change, but as soon as you press that magic start button and you are greeted with eerie piano melodies, you realize this isn’t the same game… it’s something much darker. As the game begins it is narrated … Read more

Amazon launches game console and streaming set-top box

I already use Amazon on my Xbox One, and before that my Playstation 3, to watch movies or catch-up on old TV shows I missed. They are kind of like Netflix on steroids when it comes to things you want to watch. Well, now they have released their own set-top box that streams TV series and movies, but also serve as a gaming console.

PS4 virtual reality headset could change gaming forever

Sony unveiled this week they are working on a new virtual reality headset, Project Morpheus, for the PS4. In this interview with Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, he explains the concept, where they are in development and how this move into virtual reality could change gaming forever.

ProMMA.info gains new sponsor with GR88.com

ProMMA.info would like to introduce to you our newest sponsor GR88.com! If you are into poker and casino gaming but don’t have time to hop on the next plane to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, then GR88.com should be your online destination.

Background: Online gaming’s newest contender, GR88.com offers the highest quality entertainment with first class games, superior 24/7 customer service and a simple, easy-to-navigate interface. Backed by a highly experienced international team, GR88.com was designed to bring more fun to the online experience.  GR88.com is licensed to Olympian Trading Limited which operates under Kahnawake, Curacao, and Costa Rican gaming licenses.

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