Pro Wrestling writer claims UFC is fixed

The "old" Brock Lesnar

by: Jack Bratcher

One of the down sides of giving Brock Lesnar a title shot when he didn’t earn it and then him having the nerve to beat the UFC Heavyweight Champion (Captain America of all people) is now MMA is being written about by the pro wrestling gurus.

Take for example some cat named Ronnie Bryce who says,

Mark my words, it may take years to come out, but UFC is predeterimed just like WWE.  Wrestling used to try and fool everyone years ago too in its infancy. Then when Vince took control he decided to come clean and admit matches are predeterimed and changed it to sports entertainment and now just “entertainment.” …UFC is the new “sports entertainment” even if they dont care to admit it yet. How ironic it’s home is Las Vegas. The city of UFC fans like Criss Angel and other illusionist.

Imagine Randy Couture taking a dive? All this fellow is doing is showing his absolute ignorance. Just because he has wasted his life watching grown men in their underwear fake fight (and not only watching it but writing about it–can existence become any more pointless than that?) then of course the UFC must be fixed also.

He tries to give some credence to his theory but it holds no water.  He uses the fact the Dave Meltzer is now writing about the UFC as well as pro wrestling as part of his “proof.”  

Basically it’s just the dribblings of someone who can’t fathom how an NCAA wrestler could go into the WWE first and then leave it only to end up really fighting for the UFC a few years later.  And I’m sure the whole Elite XC debacle did not help the cause any.

Maybe these are part of the “growing pains” MMA has to go through as it becomes more and more mainstream.  Of course he has the “right” to express his opinion like anyone else no matter how absurd it may be. Maybe he should step in a cage sometime at a local MMA show and see just how fake it is. If you really want to raise your blood pressure a bit then you can read the rest of his little essay here.

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