The "old" Brock Lesnar

by: Jack Bratcher

One of the down sides of giving Brock Lesnar a title shot when he didn’t earn it and then him having the nerve to beat the UFC Heavyweight Champion (Captain America of all people) is now MMA is being written about by the pro wrestling gurus.

Take for example some cat named Ronnie Bryce who says,

Mark my words, it may take years to come out, but UFC is predeterimed just like WWE.  Wrestling used to try and fool everyone years ago too in its infancy. Then when Vince took control he decided to come clean and admit matches are predeterimed and changed it to sports entertainment and now just “entertainment.” …UFC is the new “sports entertainment” even if they dont care to admit it yet. How ironic it’s home is Las Vegas. The city of UFC fans like Criss Angel and other illusionist.

Imagine Randy Couture taking a dive? All this fellow is doing is showing his absolute ignorance. Just because he has wasted his life watching grown men in their underwear fake fight (and not only watching it but writing about it–can existence become any more pointless than that?) then of course the UFC must be fixed also.

He tries to give some credence to his theory but it holds no water.  He uses the fact the Dave Meltzer is now writing about the UFC as well as pro wrestling as part of his “proof.”  

Basically it’s just the dribblings of someone who can’t fathom how an NCAA wrestler could go into the WWE first and then leave it only to end up really fighting for the UFC a few years later.  And I’m sure the whole Elite XC debacle did not help the cause any.

Maybe these are part of the “growing pains” MMA has to go through as it becomes more and more mainstream.  Of course he has the “right” to express his opinion like anyone else no matter how absurd it may be. Maybe he should step in a cage sometime at a local MMA show and see just how fake it is. If you really want to raise your blood pressure a bit then you can read the rest of his little essay here.

18 thoughts on “Pro Wrestling writer claims UFC is fixed”
  1. What an idiot. Yeah, I’m sure Rich Franklin was willing to have his nose turned inside out by Anderson Silva….if it was predetermined don’t you think Rich would’ve wanted to lose in a way that would require him to have his nose rebuilt?


  2. Alright. I’ve seen this before. And I am both a fan of pro wrestling, and mixed martial arts. I do not think that MMA is straight up predetermined. But I do feel that some decisions can be fixed. Just like pro football, pro baseball, pro basketball, and pro boxing…every sport has been set up from time to time. MMA is no different.

    I don’t think sitting there calling someone a “retard” is going to make you sound anymore better than he does.

  3. The ufc is fixed, not all the fights but some. If you watch the old days and now you’ll see the glaring differences. Watch Lesnar v Couture and if you really dont think the punch that dropped him was fake there’s just no way your ever going to be convinced. I was a die hard i loved the ufc but i couldnt ignore the obviousness of it anymore.

  4. If u look at the Shane Carwin/ Gabrial Gonzaga fight you will see it isnt fixed. I have seen Randy just randomly be knocked down before when he was winning, hey shit happens

  5. You can’t place bets on most MMA events… but you can bet on almost every boxing match. Why is that? Because the bookmakers are not convinced it’s completely unbiased.

    There are no independent fighters. UFC/Pride has their fighters under the same umbrella as it’s judges. They all work for the same company, paychecks all come from the same place. Just like pro wrestling.

  6. Wow Ian, you really have no damn clue what you’re talking about. 99% positive you are a big wrestling fan boy.

  7. The judges are paid by and provided by the athletic commission.. U are not smart look up some info before u talk

  8. If people are stupid if you think UFC isn’t fixed. There is too much money involved for the boss man (Dana White) to not to control his fighters. If you don’t believe me then let me sale you some new farm land in Louisiana.

  9. Here’s what’s funny…. just because you have been following a fake ass sport your whole life, you think the real thing can’t be possible. “TheMAn” you are a fucking retard. Go hang out at your favorite pro wrestling forum douche bag.

  10. Coture passed the torch to Lesner Just like Andre did to Hulk. He’s 45 & wanted out.

  11. @BillyClub, you’re absolutely correct. And now that it’s come out that ticket sales have been down, they Lesnar doing an obvious gimmick to increase hype. “Will Lesnar be able to come back and take the title from the first mexican heavyweight? Toon in next week to find out!”

    Over to you, Mean Gene.

  12. OK, lets clear this out.

    You think UFC is “predetermined’, huh? If it was predetermined, guys like Chael Sonnen, Josh Koscheck would hold the titles, because they have big mouths, they cut promos that could compare with those of WWE ( especially Chael’s ), they’re interesting and they stuff Dana’s pockets with money. Yet Anderson Silva and GSP whooped their asses. Silva has jaw-droppening striking, Georges St-Pierre is a freak of nature when it comes to technical aspect of the game, but these guys – they doesn’t have the brightest personalities. Anderson ( first language – Portugese ) even needs a translator, Georges ( first language – French ) talks with big accent. Why would UFC keep them as champions. . .

    . . . unless they have no power deciding who are champions.

    WWE is just mad UFC kicked their ass in PVV buys. That was just brutal. So lets do it WWE style and pull some dirt!

    Some UFC fighters admit that they “hype their fights”. Koscheck apologized to Georges after UFC 124, after losing, for going a little overboard with his trash talk. But that’s all it is. They hype their fights, sometimes “blow things out of proportion” to sell, but they don’t make stuff out. And they definitely don’t “predetermine” their fights.

  13. Not a follower of WWE. Only began watching MMA in the last two years. Don’t know for a fact but many decisions have looked suspect and Okami and Griffin sure look like they took dives in UFC 134.

  14. Griffin took a dive? Okami? OMG you sad little man. And you my sir Sinpa are a complete moron.

  15. Ok here is my problem with this idiotic claim, my problem is if the UFC was indeed fixed and none of it real, then why isn’t the UFC allowed in every city? if it was fake then there would be no problem with showing the fake brutality, i mean think about it, people in wrestling pretend to hit with chairs, bats, stop signs, barbed wire, and other ridiculous things, if that was real it would have no chance of being on tv or allowed to put on as a show in any city. the UFC has struggled for years to get the ok from the athletic board, and is still banned in quite a few states, because of its real “brutal” nature, his claim is as ridiculous as the man who asked the question, how do we know babe ruth didn’t take steroids, the reply, steroids wasn’t even founded back then, both the claims are proof of pure ignorance, and honestly shouldn’t even be dignified with any recognition

  16. Can you go to Vegas and BET on UFC fights? NO. Pretty much answers the question.

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