CBD Benefits for Fighters: Everything you need to know

These days it has become important to understand different demands of the MMA fighting rather than directly listing out its benefits for the MMA fighters.  Mentioned below are the factors important for you to become an MMA fighter: MMA’s physical demands. The physical demands are foremost aspect of MMA fighting. Having breakfast and continuing their … Read more

THE craziest MMA suspension we have ever seen just happened

Italy. Bro. What are you doing? UFC’s Mara Romero Borella has been suspended until freaking 2044 by the Italian Anti-Doping Agency. This is by far the most incredibly insane ban we have ever seen except for maybe Wanderlei Silva’s lifetime ban for allegedly fleeing from a drug test. According to reports, Borella and her boyfriend … Read more

Interesting: Big John on medical marijuana

Here’s a fun topic. Medical marijuana. MMA referee to the stars Big John McCarthy’s wife uses medical marijuana for Lupus and he isn’t shy about his opinions on it. McCarthy recently spoke to Vegas Cannabis and even touched on marijuana in MMA. The understanding of concussions and their severity is one of the big hurdles facing all combat … Read more

Floyd Mayweather on Nick Diaz: ‘Let that man smoke weed and enjoy his life’

It seems everyone is taking up for Nick Diaz these days after he got a five-year suspension (and hefty fine) for smoking weed, while his opponent got a one year suspension for steroids. UFC color commentator Joe Rogan slammed the athletic commission, Ronda Rousey spoke out about it, Medical Cannabis Advocacy Groups are calling for a boycott of … Read more

Medical Cannabis Advocacy Groups Call For Boycott of Nevada State Athletic Commission Following Nick Diaz Ruling

I am a former Canadian Boxing Champion, retired professional boxer and mixed martial artist, prescribed medical cannabis patient, and a health and wellness advisor at the Shadow Mountain Medicinal Society. I am a prescribed patient of medical marijuana because of injuries suffered in my profession. I was prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for years that hurt … Read more

“We’re gonna be a marijuana world” -Eddie Bravo

In this new interview with Eddie Bravo he explains how he used to be brainwashed by the “reefer madness” theories, but now he is wide awake to the benefits of the herb. “Once we have the whole country on lock, then the whole world will be pro-marijuana,” says the master of the rubber-guard. Should MMA … Read more

Blowing Smoke in the Face of the CSAC

One of the best competitors is our sport has been pulled from a scheduled title fight due to his use of a prescription drug. That’s right, Nick Diaz, who basically ducked the California State Athletic Commission’s preliminary drug screening to avoid testing positive for marijuana, will not be able to fight or earn a living. This distresses me, and despite the majority of my fellow journalists claiming that “rules are rules” something should be done about this.

Really, what is the argument against an athlete using cannabis in preparation for a fight in California? In 2007 Diaz was stripped of his career defining win over Takanori Gomi, because the Nevada State Athletic Commission ruled that the drug gave him an unfair advantage. In their estimation Diaz was so high it increased his pain threshold and therefore enhanced his performance. The NSAC’s reasoning is sound, albeit a tad hypocritical considering there are several NSAC busted roiders with enhanced W’s blotting their career records.

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