Mike Tyson says he would’ve been a great UFC fighter and reveals weakness

We are some of the many that are loving this Mike Tyson renaissance. The former boxing champion is back, in the media, and seemingly a changed man. Gone are the days of his ferocious, foul mouthed, and sometimes violent confrontations he was infamous for. The Tyson of today is someone who understands the errors of … Read more

Boxing Betting: Yuniel Dorticos Could Prove the Value Bet against Mairis Briedis

There’s always been a healthy interest in boxing betting, particularly when it comes to the glamour fights featuring the biggest names in the sport.  However, until the explosion in online betting, having a wager on boxing was largely restricted to predicting the fight result in most instances. In a two-way betting market (if you discount … Read more

New video of Jake Paul raid shows guns being removed

If you would’ve told me that a large army of armed federal agents would be raiding a YouTube personality’s house today I would’ve laughed at you. We reported earlier that Jake Paul had his mansion raided by truckloads of armed federal agents. The rumor was circulating that it was covid-19 related following the public outcry … Read more

WOW: Truckloads of armed agents raid Jake Paul’s home and a rumor spreading is it’s COVD-19 related

What the actual %#*!? This is insane and surreal. Footage of a small army of armed feds raiding YouTube content creator Jake Paul’s home surfaced online. There is no reason yet given because the affidavit is reportedly sealed. Paul was scheduled for an under card fight on the upcoming Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr … Read more

Tyson vs Jones Jr promo is surreal

If you would’ve told me that I would have the opportunity to watch former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and former multi division champion Roy Jones Junior fight I would’ve laughed at you. That bout is going down on September 12 as an eight round exhibition affair likely with 12 ounce gloves but it’s still a … Read more