Sergio Pettis, ‘My career is on the line in this fight’

In a recent interview with’s Duane ‘Finster’ Finley, Sergio Pettis discussed his mma career, his growth, and his fight on this weekend’s UFC on FOX Sports 1 Prelims. “That fight taught me a lot. No one likes to lose, but as Duke (Roufus) always says, ‘Losing is like your medicine. Don’t be bitter, get better.’ I … Read more

Daniel Bryan’s WWE return now questionable

Daniel Bryan is the WWE “Yes Movement” phenomenon’s  leader and a solid fan favorite. A story book ending at Wrestlemania XXX when he overcame insurmountable odds by pinning HHH cleanly and then forcing Batista to tap out in the main event to win the WWE Championship and it seemed the era of Daniel Bryan officially … Read more

Georgi Karakhanyan blasts Connor McGregor “I’ll bitch-slap him”

  WSOF featherweight champion Georgi Karakhanyan discusses his dislike with Sherdog for the UFC’s great Irish hype Connor McGregor. “As far as that Irish kid, he sucks. He hasn’t fought anybody … and he’s calling out all these guys. I feel like he’s disrespecting a lot of fighters. Honestly, if I see him on the … Read more

Bas on Jon Jones “Everybody’s beatable”…

Jon Jones is a magnet for criticism and praise lately. In between talk of Jon ducking fights and talk of choosing who he wants to fight next – Bas Rutten magically appears and lays it out like it is on MMAJunkie radio. To put it plainly, Jones is a monster – but a beatable one. … Read more

#TBT Stone Cold stuns WWE Commisioner and then Vinny Mac for first time

These were the two moments that catapulted WWE from the hum drum to the holy $hit. First, Stone Cold Steve Austin stuns then WWE commisioner Sgt Slaughter followed by mocking him with military fitness exercises and then..wham, the stunner heard round the world. Stone Cold stuns Vince McMahon and Vince stinks up the place with … Read more

Video of Seth Rollins turning on The Shield on RAW Monday

If you are a wrestling fan this probably shocked you. The odds on favorite to leave The Shield first for most betting fans was mic master Dean Ambrose. Ambrose has incredible microphone skills and a good wrestling base. Those together make him a potential candidate to become a monster heel or bad guy. Roman reigns … Read more

Players making racist/hate videos from Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs video game

  In the open world Watch Dogs video game by Ubisoft Montreal you can hack everything and we mean everything. You get info about bank accounts, religious and sexual preferences, control city electronics, and gather all sorts of personal info. Some people are taking the freedoms allowed and making wrong, but funny in a sick … Read more

Wait what? Stephanie McMahon peed herself at Payback last night?!?! Pic!

So here’s the deal – it appeared that wrestling’s #1 MILF Stephanie McMahon peed herself when she got slapped by Brie Bella last night at the WWE Payback PPV. Could they be using a similar tactic like when Austin famously made Vince McMahon “pee himself” with a toy gun? Will they turn it in to … Read more