This is just WEIRD.

At a Shania Twain concert in Canada – Shania met WWE wrestler Kevin Owens. During the show they exchanged some worked banter and Twilight Zone levels of strange happened. Granted, WWE unsurprisingly had an entourage of press and photographers along with him. Still, it was a weird pairing and we offer a piece of the exchange via…

Twain: The problem is that when I watch you in the ring, you are not like the typical nice Canadian kid. I mean, I’m nice, most Canadians are nice, but this guy, he’s a bad ass. He’s got some pretty bad behavior going on. So listen, I can’t really condone a request like that from such a bad guy like you. I mean you’re not a bad guy, but you’re a bad guy in the ring.

KO: Let’s call it a difference of opinion. I think I’m a great guy, I’m a great wrestler and I think I’ve been doing pretty well for Canada and representing Montreal very well. I think you should consider singing “When” for me tonight.

Twain: Ok, so I’ll make you a deal… because “When” is not on the show…

Twain: Tell me, who is your biggest rival?

KO: Well, Shania, right now I’m actually having a lot of trouble with a fella by the name of Braun Strowman, and, yeah, I guess that would be him.

Twain: Braun Strowman – okay, listen. I’ll make a deal with you. Next time, well no – if you can beat Braun Strowman – it’s a challenge – then the next time I’m in town, I will sing ‘When’.

KO: Shania, here’s the thing [takes microphone]. Yeah, I’ll take it – oh, it’s bedazzled. Have you seen Braun Strowman? The guy’s seven feet tall, like 500 pounds, maybe more. And you’re asking me to beat him? Come on! Shania, seriously, I’ve been doing pretty well, I represent Canada as good as I can, I’ve won so many championships, that’s got to be worth something, alright? And – I have more Twitter followers than you do, COME ON?

Ouch, Kev. Low blow man.

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