The number of fighters over the years that have lost a fight or underperformed in victory who have come out and claimed injury is a lot. Whether it’s a championship fight or opening bout it happens frequently. Fighting while sick or with an injury endangers an athlete and affects their performance which might anger promoters if the bout turns out to be a stinker. The point is that no one wins when this happens, and the Nevada athletic commission appears to be finally doing something about it.

Ilir Latifi has been suspended for three months after discovering that he fought back in October with a swollen leg and fever. Apparently, he competed with a staph infection, which is dangerous and contagious. So, not only did Latifi put himself at risk but he put other people he came in contact with as well. When the commission found out they decided that Ilir should face the consequences and suspended him for three months hopefully trying to set a precedent for others who compete with undisclosed illnesses or injuries.

Latifi can’t fight until January 1st and despite not having his purse fined, he will have to pay legal fees for the commission’s process.