One time UFC light heavyweight challenger Dominick Reyes isn’t doing so well.

When Reyes lost by decision to then champion Jon Jones it was the consensus belief that Jones was gifted the win. Dominick Reyes was seen as the uncrowned champ, but unfortunately it was not to ever be. After Jones vacated the belt, the belief was that Dominick would swoop in and take the title. Jan Blachowicz had other plans and knocked Reyes out. After two more knockout losses it would appear that in just three fights – the man who appeared to defeat the light heavyweight GOAT – is being encouraged to retire. Probably because he was demolished in the first round of his UFC 281 bout with journeyman Ryan Spann.

The latest to suggest it is former light heavyweight and heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier.

we got a guy that was super close to becoming the champion against Jones, to now he got knocked out by Jiri who’s the champ, he got knocked out by Jan Blachowicz who was the champ. Now he’s not fighting champions, he lost to a guy in Ryan Spann, who has now won two in a row. Is it time for Dominick Reyes to be done?Dominick Reyes was so close to being the champion. When it starts to turn in the way that it has, it’s time for him to walk away.

Reyes has to consider the long term effects of the damage he has taken and the potential damage he could receive in the future.