With the cancellation of Jake Paul’s August 6th boxing match with real boxer Hasim Rahman Jr it looks like no one has a clear idea of what is next for Jake. Except maybe Jake. With suspicions from Dana White that the reason for the Rahman Jr match being axed was due to poor ticket sales it better be someone with name recognition.

For what seems like an eternity we have heard Conor McGregor’s name come out of Paul’s mouth. Conor is lighter than Jake, on a down swing in his MMA career, in his mid 30’s, and for Jake Paul that is prime real estate to occupy the ring across from him on pay-per-view. He has made a career off of his knockout of short and retired basketball player Nate Robinson, toddler level MMA striker Ben Askren, and way past his prime former UFC champ Tyron Woodley. McGregor is a former champ and a shadow of his former self so he’s a perfect fit. According to Jake there are other names aside from the Irishman floating around out there that would also be desirable.

I think ideally Mike Tyson would be a potential opponent…We have teased that it could be happening later this year or early next year. Anderson Silva is high on that list and Nate Diaz is also very high on that list so they are probably currently the three options.

Jake Paul to DAZN Boxing Show (via Mirror)

Diaz would be his dream choice out of those in our opinion. He’s a good striker but Nate takes a while to warm up and that would help Jake steal the earlier rounds if it went to a decision. Nate also bleeds pretty easily and judges are often swayed by visible damage to the face. Nate is also an all around fighter with decent boxing skills but not good enough to consider him a boxer. Silva, on the other hand would be more dangerous since he has beaten a real opponent in Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and brutally knocked out Tito Ortiz in the ring. Then again, Anderson is 47 years old and way past his prime. Although the Brazilian would help the pay per view sales the criticism over his competing at that age could possibly hinder them.

As for a near elderly Mike Tyson – please no.

Only Jake Paul knows what’s next for Jake Paul.